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Information on the Fresno California Real Estate Market from Fresno's Foremost Blogging Broker -- Randy "Lazarus" McAtee Owner/Broker of Lazarus Realty.
This is a follow up to my last blog.  There  is an article in the Wall Street Journal today title The Green House of the Future in which four architects provide illustrations of what Green Homes of the future might look like.  The article concludes with all four architects in agreement on one thi...
EVERYONE WANTS MORE HOME." This is a quote from Builder/Author Shay Salomon in this YouTube Video. Watch it! I think you'll like it.     I am at the age and stage where I am pondering down-sizing and have been fascinated by all the possibilities available in Alternative Living. Over the years our...
I took this picture last year around this time and I don't believe I shared it here on AR.  Its a cousin to my background pic on my profile page.  Please feel free to comment.  Oh, and if you're interested in purchasing property in the vicinity call me: I have 21+/- acres available for sale.     ...
3 bedrooms * 2 3/4 baths 3798 Square Ft on a 11985 Sq. Ft. lot ASKING: $870,000       Magnificant custom home located in a private gated community in Woodward Lake. This grand home has breathtaking and expansive views of Woodward Lake and the Sierras. The grand entry has a floating spiral stairca...
  NOT! I cant post this pic and not WHADAYATHINK? ...or more importantly --- what was this agent thinking?  I can take better pics with my cell phone.  If I’m going to buy the house with filthy misquito pond I want to know how its situated in the back yard.  Show me its orientation...
West Coast haircut.  Golden State Clip.   Just how much have home prices been shorn in California?   A LOT!   Believe it or not in 2006 the median price of a home in California was $576,000.   California median home price as of February 09: $247,590 (Source C.A.R.)     Now that’s a haircut!     <...
  ....I'm gonna keep on blogging, at least for now.  I did have ONE client last year as a direct result of my blog which culminated in a sale.  But REALLY, when I think    about it, its ODD: so many of my clients are not computer literate.  Some don’t even HAVE computers!  Some don’t even speak ...
  Cha Ching!!!  Finally manage to have a closing on a “short sale”.  In case you dont know what a “short sale” is, its when the lender is willing to accept an amount less than the full price owed on the mortgage.   A couple of years ago in Fresno the close rate on short sales was VERY low.  Overt...
        Want to buy a home? Got crappy credit? Next to nothing for downpayment? NO WUNKIN FURRIES MY FRIENDS --- YOU SHOULD QUALIFY FOR AN FHA LOAN! And seeing that the banks are eager to get the glut of non-performing assets (fancy name for foreclosures) off their books they will probably pay AL...
click to see pics It appears Regenald (my wife's name for the male) has acquired a new mate. Lucy (former mate) was killed by a car last year. BUT, it looks like he's back this year with a 'nuther Lucy. I just took this earlier this morning. When my wife first saw them last year she was complaini...

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