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Many people do not understand how FICO Scores can effect their ability to get a Mortgage loan and the interest rate they will receive. Their are three credit bureaus and they each caculate a FICO Score. Most lenders use the middle score to base their loan approval on.  FICO Scores take into consi...
I have been asked to expand on the Buydown Loan Program we offer. There are many types of buydown loans. Two of the most popular are the 2-1 Buydown and the 1-0 Buydown. The 2-1 Buydown Loan has an interest rate which is 2% below the note rate the first year, 1% below the note rate the second yea...
We can do Foreign National Loans. No Social Security Number, No Green Card, No Credit - OK.  Stated Income (U.S. or Overseas) - OK. Thirty percent down payment required. Single Family, Condo's, PUD's - OK.  We have varies loan programs available. Call Lynne Dewar at (800) 552-1188 for more details.
With interest rates climbing up almost one point in the last couple of weeks you may want to consider a buydown.  Lenders Direct has a buydown loan starting at 5.75% for the first year and then fixing at 6.75% for the remaining term for just one point cost. This is a savings of about $163 per mon...
Fannnie Mae is committed to expand homeownership for all borrowers.  They have a prgram to help lower income individuals get into a home. It is called My Community Mortgage. Lenders Direct is an approved Lender for this loan. These loans are 100% financing allowing the Borrower to buy without a d...
The Bonds have climbed up to their hightest level in five years. This puts pressure on the Mortgage interest rates.  The outlook for the summer is for the rates to continue to climb.  As the rates climb a Home Buyer can qualify for less home.  For example, a .50% increase in interest rates causes...
We work with an organization in Flagstaff, AZ that provides free education workshops to help families and individuals prepare to purchase a first home.  They also have a 3 to 1 down payment assistance program providing up to $15,000 per family who is able to save $5,000.  They take referrals from...
We have loans available with No Down Payment. Even if you have a Bankruptcy or FICO Scores 640 or above we can do a loan for you.  Now is a GREAT time to buy a home. Rents are increasing and many times you can buy and have a house payment close to your rent payment. Why keep throwing away money o...
The interest rates have been climbing up over the last couple of weeks.  The 30 year fixed rate has gone from 5.875% to about 6.50%.  If you still want to lock in at 5.875% fixed for 30 years you can ask the seller to pay about two points to buydown the interest rate.  In this market many sellers...
We are your one stop shop for First Time Buyer Programs.  We have low interest rate AZ Bond programs with 100% financing, we have down payment assistance programs, and we have credit and budget programs to help you get ready to purchase a home.  We also have a lot of affordable housing in Winslow...

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