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As of 2016, Susan is no longer practicing in the USA and retains this blog as a service. Clients may call or email for a professional realtor or lender referral in Whatcom and San Juans counties
Congress has gifted over $700 BILLION to the banks to save themselves and help homeowners avoid foreclosure. So is it working? Obama says not yet and he's going to name names of the banks who are dragging their feet! Heavens, we are not complaining about a promise of hundreds of Billions in TARP ...
This week, the House Financial Services Committee passed H.R. 3126, the "Consumer Financial Protection Agency Act of 2009" including an amendment to repeal HVCC, the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, or as we call it, the "Havoc Rule". The bill still has to clear both houses and be ratified into la...
Military boot size that is. Congress is dithering whether to extend the FTHB Tax Credit at all...and so they are suggesting the extension will only go to Veterans who have served overseas during the last year.  Those  service members who have served overseas for 90 days in 2009 will have an addit...
Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) Update Freddie Mac has been reduced to going door to door to attempt stopping foreclosures. Well...wonder how they are being received by their beleaguered mortgagees? Anybody seen Freddie on your street yet? $4.7 Billion headed to the usual suspects: To...
Help me out here. I have a 20 year veteran Real Estate Developer telling me the HVCC is a good thing! Really!! That onerous Home Valuation Code of Conduct that has sent many brokers and borrowers running to FHA in order to get a decent valuation. I'd really like to hear your experience. Any point...
This news is not going away fast. In the wake of FHA and VA lenders closing the window for funding Manufactured Home Loans (August 09) I am canvassing our network for solutions, conventional, portfolio, you name it. Here's the skinny: The FEW lenders still funding Manufactured home purchases requ...
When our own banking system is at work amazing us with their fancy footwork? Did you hear the move to FHA to avoid the HVCC appraisal code debacle has over taxed the FHA system? Have you heard FHA loans are taking 60 days to close and many files are being denied? For the first time in years, the ...
Planning and Patience WIN: Check out this encouraging local news story about a couple who laid in wait for 18 months and pounced on a great home with 95% financing for the right price. They saved their cash for renovations and bought a fabulous location, a solid older home with good bones and ama...
In the wake of Taylor Bean Whitaker being disowned by HUD and shut down on August 4th, (they were the 3rd largest FHA lender in the nation prior to their closing) we are getting the inevitable announcements from other Government lenders about new restrictions. Today several major FHA/VA lenders a...
Home Ec Class was for sissies: learning to balance a home budget and bake from scratch was beneath me. After all, I was going to college for goodness sakes! Many of these 'vocational' courses including shop class (which I was not allowed to take as a girl) were chopped in favor of academics.   So...

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