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    The national median income is $61,500 a year.  60% of homes that were sold in the last 3 months of 2008 were within the price range of families that make at least the national median income.  Out of that 60% of home the least expensive city, Indianapolis contributed 93% of the affordable home...
If you are interested in purchasing a home in St Petersburg for little money down you may be able to qualify for a down payment assistance interest free loan. The city of St Petersburg offers interest free down payment assistance loans to borrowers who fit the traditional FHA financing criteria a...
In efforts to provide exact information about the revision to the $787 Billion Economic Stimulus Plan benefits to First Time Home Buyers I put together a list of all the changes below. Unfortunately, the $15000 figure discussed by Congress was reduced and the incentive was increased from the ori...
Recently graduate college, technical school or will be graduating soon? Interested in purchasing a home in St Petersburg Florida or surrounding areas? Did you know that if you are working in the same field as your education that a mortgage lender will not require work history to approve your mort...
If a bankruptcy has been filed in the past there are a few guidelines to follow when determining if when a buyer can purchase a home. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy FHA mortgage guidelines require that a buyer must wait 2 full years from the bankruptcy discharge before they can become eligible to purchase ...
Great News Realtors!!!  Wholesale lenders Nationwide are making our favorite loan financing option available again to qualified borrowers.  This home repair and remodel loan has the same great low rates like traditional FHA financing and is credit friendly. By offering this home improvement loan ...
Did you know that a borrower can have more than one FHA loan?  FHA Financing does not offer loans for investment properties.  In normal situations FHA allows only one loan per borrower.  Below are four unique exceptions to this rule. 1) Increasing Family Size- If the borrowers current residency ...
Looking for something to do this weekend in St Petersburg Florida?  New to the area and want to try some of the best restaurants in town? Vinoy Park in St Petersburg is hosting its 22nd annual Taste of Pinellas.  This event has Free Admission and features around 40 local restaurants that offer "t...
This afternoon I began thinking about the chameleon like changes I have had to make to adapt to Florida's mortgage and real estate market.  The thought then occurred to me...How many of my peers have made these same changes?  My train of thought than moved on to the many local Realtors that my be...

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