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My blog offers real estate related information and life observations from the Miami and Miami Beach Florida communities.
It truly doesn't get much better than this. Clear sky, 76 delicious degrees and its after 5 PM! After a hard day of showing properties on the beach what is better than meeting up with friends for happy hour. Spring has arrived and the flurry of fresh buyers is very evident.Come down and join me s...
I admit that I do have a morning routine. I wake up naturally predawn, make coffee, check emails, drink coffee, see whats happening in the world from my online news sources and then the good part comes!Second cup of coffee happens at sunrise outside at poolside surrounded by peace and quiet as na...
After a busy weekend at the Coconut Grove Art festival and helping a friend at the International Boat & Yacht Show I decided to celebrate Prez Day by chillin' @the beach. 78 degrees and a light breeze perfect for relaxing. Now if only the Coco frio dude would come by I'd be all set.Enjoy this won...
 Every Presidents weekend it is a whirlwind of activities in South Florida.The International Boat and Yacht shows take center stage for all the boaters while the Coconut Grove Art Show is celebrating its 57 th year. All fun, all exciting and all outdoors. Come on down and enjoy! Can't beat our be...
There are signs everywhere. Some subtle, some in your face. The universe also sends us ques and prompts to help guide us. Some people call it guardian angels even.It can be the appearance of that middle age belly which is a signal to motivate some into better eating habits and/or hitting the gym....
All you weary northerners are probably wishing you were on a nice tropical beach right now. Niko is not playing around, my own flight to NY was cancelled today. New flight out hopefully tomorrow but no worries as now I get to spend this 85 degree sunny day where I would rather be anyway.Here is t...
Today was one of those days not much unlike yesterday or tomorrow but just plain fantastic! How could anyone not enjoy even working (as a Realtor!) here in glorious South Florida. It's 80 here where I live and up to 84 degrees in other areas of the county.Looking for real estate in South Florida?...
Living the carefree lifestyle of South Florida never gets old. I love waking up and automatically putting on my shorts and having that first cup of coffee February. Never having to worry about snow and ice, shoveling out to get to your car. Never worrying about skidding off the road...
Good news in Florida, according to the Florida Realtor News we have outperformed the nation is home sales for 2016.  The number one reason is job creation and a robust economy.Low interest rates also helped move 5.5 million units in the past year. Indicators point to an even better 2017 but nowhe...
Silent Sunday, that is my mood today anyway. I will however present to you a fantastic new to the market home in Miami Beach.If you are a fan of sleek modern open living it doesn't get much better than this. And yes the price tag contains lots of zeros.Call today to make an offer!


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