Market conditions in my area 08-2016

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Real estate market conditions for Hudson, Essex, Bergen and Union counties NJ
Ok, so after 26 years of selling real estate, this is the first time I am watching the market, not just in real estate but everywhere fall apart.  Oil prices through the roof, interest rates flat, saving rates flat, foreclosures WAY up,  election year and buyer that for almost no matter what the ...
To those of you who commented.. thank you!  Now if I can figure out how to respond clearly in this forum I'll be golden!.   It's the consumer that drives the economy.  The cyclical round house kick in the teeth, knock you down and you get backup fighting economy.  The consumer who when you talk r...
Gosh Darn.So many people still looking at homes, and yet, no one is pulling their hands out of their pockets!  I get calls all day... from other realtors showing my listings and buyers that want to preview homes.Gas Prices, Food prices, War, Election time, Kids at school, Car payments.. are the m...
NOW what I wrote about several months ago has happened, and everthing is in the process of correcting itself.  The market (real estate, sales, cars, stocks) is in constant state of flux. Supply and Demand... Affordability Index (I hear you, "Prices have to drop".  I ask Why?)Prices have steadily ...
Tax relief granted for forgiven debt, private mortgage insuranceBush administration allows three-year windowFriday, December 21, 2007By Matt CarterInman News President Bush signed into law Thursday a bill creating a temporary tax break for homeowners who are able to persuade lenders to forgive pa...
 I know... 1/3 or the realtors chaning occupations in the next 2 years, 800,000 mortgage reps out of work, banks  THIS IS A NORMAL CYCYLE.  Tell your customers that it's not the end of the world, but if they hunker down and wait for the market to change before selling, the bottom is ...
Bush: Housing weakness not nationwide "By Tabassum ZakariaThu Oct 11, 5:59 PM ET President George W. Bush on Thursday said weakness in housing markets was regional, not national, and that the solution to the problem was not more regulation but to help people refinance their mortgages."The solutio...
Nope, made you look again.  I know, Blogs are wonderful places for the self proclaimed experts to tell you their opinions of the market.  What makes it better is when they are (fill in the blank... right or wrong)  ________ , and you can say "See, I knew it all along.""The real estate market, fro...
Ok,so I really didn't tell the truth. There is nothing on Town Politics here.  Just a ramble on how some towns grow and flourish while others just slowly die away.  The office I work in, is in Kearny NJ.  A suburban/urban town of single and multi-family homes mixed into commercial and light indus...

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Local and Area market conditions which may or may not include Kearny NJ. It does include observations from Hudson,Bergen, Essex, and Union county real estate activity