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While 2014 saw signs of a slowing Salt Lake County real estate market, the start of 2015 seemed to reverse that slowing, with strong home sales and a modest appreciation in sales prices. This reversal was driven by unseasonably good weather, a number of attractive incentives for home-buyers and a...
The first 3 months of the year delivered a bit of a mixed bag for the Daybreak real estate market. While the number of sales saw good appreciation with 86 homes sold (some of this was probably down to the unseasonably nice weather), the median sales price actually declined 12% to $265,981. We can...
If you are looking to buy a home, and you already have one to sell there is a key question that needs to be addressed. Do you sell before you buy, or wait until you have found a home and then sell? The answer depends upon a number of criteria, your financial situation, the state of the housing ma...
Home prices continued their upward trend in 2014, albeit at a slower pace. The median sales price for a single family home increased to $255,000, a 4.08% increase over 2013. This is the third year in a row prices have increased but there were signs of the home price appreciation slowing. For a s...
Daybreak’s housing market experienced another good year, with a median home price increase of 6.89% in 2014. This means that in the last 3 years sales prices have increased between 6 and 8 % each year. Even with these increases the median home price of $290,000 is still below the peak of $293,360...
Most people sell their home during the warmer seasons, when the months start to warm up, so does the real estate market. But is this the best time to sell, well it may be the busiest, but there are some advantages to selling during winter that you may want to consider. While the summer months ar...
The median home sales price for a Daybreak home increased just 1.32% in the 3rd quarter 2014, with the number of homes sold also showing a small increase of 2.91%. The big jump was in the number of days it took to sell a home which increased more than 88.57% to 66 days. So why the big jump in day...
When Daybreak was formed part of the agreement was that Oquirrh Lake and several Daybreak parks would be passed over to South Jordan. In fact several parks including Calendar Square, Sunrise Mountain and Hillside Park are already under South Jordan City control. But now the much larger project t...
The median home price for a Salt Lake County single family home hit a new record high in the third quarter 2014. The new median home sales price stood at $257,900, beating the old record of $256,000 last seen in the 3rd quarter 2007.   Even on the back of this record high we are starting to see a...
Selling your home can be a stressful time, so just image the prospect of selling an entire estate. While it can be a relatively fast and simple process, if the deceased was not organized, it can be a very slow and painful process.   Estates come in all shapes and sizes; it could be anything from ...

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