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Metrowest MA Real Estate - Realtor specializing in home sales in Hopkinton, Milford, Holliston, Ashland, Southboro, Westboro, Franklin, Upton, Mendon, Hopedale, Grafton, Medway, Northbridge, and Framingham MA. Includes Real Estate home sellling & buying tips , Homes for sale in and around Metrowest, Metrowest MA Market reports. Based in Hopkinton MA - top RE/MAX Realtor, RE/MAX Executive Realty.
Over the last few years in Massachusetts as well as many other parts of the country we have seen a rapid decline in Real Estate values. In many towns around Metrowest Massachusetts it would not be unusual to see a home that sold in 2007 for $500,000 to be re-sold today around $450,000. It is an u...
USDA loans (US Department of Agriculture) aka Section 502 loans are an excellent mortgage vehicle for those who do not have money to put down but have decent credit ratings. Typically a credit score over 600 will get the loan done. A score between 580-600 will come under much heavier scrutiny but...
It is no secret that energy prices have been high all year but thankfully have dropped quite a bit as we head into the Winter months. There are of course plenty of things you can do to save additional $$$ and conserve energy this Winter. Some are fairly obvious and easy.                          ...
A deed in lieu of foreclosure aka (cash for keys) is when a home owner conveys all their interest in a property to the lender in order to avoid foreclosure proceedings. In the typical deed in lieu of foreclosure scenario, the mortgagee is in default i.e has not been making his or her mortgage pay...
As many of you know establishing new relationships via Twitter can bring you the potential for future business. This is one of the benefits of social networks and becoming connected online. We all get requests daily via our accounts to be contacts, friends, to follow, and so forth. It's great tha...
Foreclosure is not a fun word yet it is reality that many across the US are facing in these tough economic times. There are many ways that home owners find themselves in this predicament including job loss, reduction in income, mounting credit card debt, an increase in mortgage payments, a terrib...
There are many who have thought about selling their home but have not due to the decline in market values over the last few years. This is understandable UNLESS you are going to be buying another home under the same market conditions! Sure market values have dipped quite a bit here in Metrowest M...
The annual Cost V.S Value report for home additions and remodeling projects has been released by Realtor Magazine for 2008. If you are thinking of adding an addition or renovating your home in Massachusetts this is an excellent guide that will at least give you a ballpark on what you can expect f...
Canterbury is a small Hopkinton Massachusetts cul-de-sac neighborhood consisting of nine homes nestled on a nice piece of land overlooking part of Lake Maspenock. Canterbury is located off of West Elm Street just past the Circa 1700 Country Village neighborhood. All of the homes in Canterbury we...
When borrowing money to buy a home, there are certain deductions that you are afforded by the ole tax man that you should be aware of come tax time in April. The following are some of the deductions you may forget about when buying a home: POINTS ~ Points on a home loan are tax deductable if they...

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