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 *This is a Public Post*Property is moving in Pass Christian, MS. Search of closings for the last 90 days show 28 closings ranging from $15K for a lot to $595K for a home in the Oaks of PC.How are buyers buying in our economy? The 90 day closing breakdown showed 14 Cash transactions, 11 Conventio...
*Note this is a Public blog          I'm on my way to Borger, TX to help my Mother celebrate her 80th birthday tomorrow. That's a good thing.However my connecting flight to Amarillo was cancelled. So, I am at DFW with a few hours to spare. If anyonewants to say "Howdy", drop on by. 228-229-9865. ...
I really do work you guys. In between tasks I was reading non-real estate related articles. This one had me laughing! In short: its about waiting for an important call, which we are all familiar with combined with a hilarious cause and effect chain of events. If this reference isn't clickable, cl...
*Note: This is an Active Rain Public PostingI believe Vendor advertising at Active Rain is a good idea. I hope that it will help defray the numerous disrupting B2B telemarketing calls I receive. My highest recommendation for any service you may provide a REALTOR, is to advertise it here, then lea...
   I don't know if other real estate professionals are as easily side tracked as I am. I do get off  from time to time.    Today, I will preview  2 to 5 vacant listings in Long Beach. My long term goal is to visit each vacant listing , then venture to Pass Christian. Once I have a handle on Vacan...
     It shouldn't make a big deal that a property listed as 39000 sq feet is 3900 square feet. Most of us would figure that's the case.     So Sister Suzi (some of you know me by that for a reason:-) gives the broker a call. Yep, its 3900 sq feet. He seemed like he was aware of it and did not giv...
Please submit to Rail Road Properties.Living in the Gulf Coast, if you are near the beach--you are near a railroad. From talking to many property owners near the railroad--I find they claim it doesn't bother them. From prior research on a different type project I have found that many people love ...
     Its a Glorious Day in the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The birds are veryhappy about this day. I am at 21155 Daugherty Rd., just West of Beatline in Long Beach.  I have not advertised open house but decided to open anyway and put out an open house sign and an agent on duty sign and be here if any...
  The good thing about getting spam lottery winnings AND all the Beloved Nigerian emails is--for a moment we can allow ourselves to visualize i n s a n e wealth. This is a good thing, so bring it on Spam Artists!Long before anyone made insane money on "the Secret", I wsas taught the Secret from m...
A Simply Suzi Public Note (No Photos, no links, no referrals, no, no, no--just a message worth reading:-) IMHO)If you don't know everything about Active Rain and using Localism to your advantage--this could blow your mind.A few blogs back some of us were discussing how we meet the public using Lo...

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Are you excited? If you found me, you are most likely thinking of moving to... I remember the excitement, anticipation and concerns about relocating. Therefore, I try to convey "slice of life" moments with photo-blogs and single photo uploads to assist you in getting a "real feel".