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Following is my comment tonight to the Washington Post in response to their article - Senators Deny Knowing Of Home Loan Favoritism ~ I've been waiting for this story to break and as usual the media misses the important part!Let's see the reporters ask the real questions - did any of these indivi...
The Lake Spokane Chamber of Commerce has recently updated their web site to include new features like an Event Calendar, online registration for new members, Discussion Forum, and Photo Album. We are very passionate about our beautiful community.  Many "city" folk in Spokane consider Nine Mile Fa...
FHA has just published a significant update regarding the use of Nontraditional Credit with FHA loans.  I've summarized what you and your clients need to know. "Nontraditional Credit" means monthly obligations that a person may pay but that is not normally reported to the credit bureaus.  Example...
I've not been able to find the proposed legilstation that purports to cause the following but the invite from the Washington Association of Mortgage Brokers looks legit - Wamb is asking all of our colleagues in the mortgage industry to go to the website, AND pass this on to everyone you know in t...
Tonight on the TBWS Late Night 05.08.08 - "Selling It Like It Is" with Stefan Lubinski.Stefan is a coach and a sales trainer.  He is a huge resource of information and ideas.  You will be blown away by him.We are going to play "Stump the Stefan" tonight.  You can call in or chat in your greatest ...
Fannie Mae is releasing an update to their ubiquitous Automated Underwriting System DU.One of the unlikely benefactors of the guidelines being installed in the approval "engine" are self-employed borrowers.  In the previous versions of the DU software a borrower's self-employed status was conside...
If you or your client have a loan pre-approval in hand but will not close escrow prior to May 31st you need to read on - Fannie Mae just released a memo that on the weekend of May 31st they will be installing an updated version of their Automated Underwriting System DU.  This system is used by le...
I've been surfing Zillow the last couple of weeks and noticing that the amount of information they have amassed on individual homes in the US is astounding.  They have recently added the ability of a home owner to update information about their own residence within Zillow's database, thus making ...
2008 is going to be a tough year for many homeowners, particularly those in California.  While not declining nearly as much there are also some trouble spots in Idaho (Coeur d'Alene area), and Washington (Seattle and Vancouver areas).  After 20 years of relatively low interest rates and high home...
 Below is the content of an email message I received this morning from Citi Home Equity - essentially it says "weknow we agreed to provide you a line of credit of $100,000 (or whatever your line is for) and you only have abalance of $10,000 AND have been paying us on time, we are going to FREEZE ...

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