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Another excuse for another "meltdown"As I'm sipping my morning cup of coffee and catching up on yesterday's news via my local Spokesman Review I notice we are in the middle of another "meltdown" of one of our national institutions - this time it is the airline industry.Apparently the airlines hav...
In February, the President signed into law the Economic Stimulus Package in an effort to revive our battered economy. There have been many misstated facts in the press regards the benefit to consumers of this Package.  First and foremost - will the plan help anyone in Eastern Washington?Not likel...
First, a disclaimer - I copied the title of this post from an article in Business Week (source provided below).It will be interesting to see how much press this article gets in light of the recent hysteria over "toxic" mortgages and how their use is the cause of the current mortgage and housing c...
After exactly ½ day on Tuesday, interest rates improved after the Fed cut their rates.  It's been all downhill since then and mortgage interest rates for buyers and people refinancing have gone straight up.How can mortgage rates go up when the Fed lowers their rate?  Well the explanation for that...
A lot of acusations have been made by the media and our elected officials regards the "sleazy" tactics mortgage lenders have used in putting consumers into loans they can't afford or are not appropriate.What I don't hear is any Spokane consumers taking responsibility for their own actions.  As th...

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