The Facts About Downpayments   Responding to misinformation in the media and blogs recently about the required size of a down payment for a mortgage in today's market, NAR issued these facts: 1. An individual may be required to put down 20 percent based on that person's financial situation, but t...
Should I Sell In This Market First things first, it's never a buyers and sellers market at the same time, so what you really have to consider is if it's the right time for you based on your current situation. Every day we are bombarded with tons of housing information that can easily sway your ju...
Do Not Under Estimate Staging Staging is so important and often times we look at our own home much differently than a buyer would. We all have a soft spot for our own homes but we have to be able to put that emotion aside and look at it as objectively as possible. The punch stain from Suzy when s...
  Nicole & Tony Tudisco, Realtors (630) 973-8932 / 34 E-Mail:      The Real Estate Transaction in 180 Steps What Your REALTOR® Does for You   ____________________________________________________________________________    Why Was This List...
  Close    Detached Single MLS #: 06956814   STAT: PCHG  AREA: 507  LDR: 07/11/2008 CTGF:       LP: $375,000 LD: 07/11/2008   OLP: $400,000 OMD:   LISTING MRKT TIME: 75 SP:   CONT DT:  SELLING OFC:  FIN:   CLSD DT:...
For myself I have decided that it's back to basics! We all know what to do but are we doing it and is it consistent? Take marketing a step higher and ask yourself what you can do that is unique? In sales I believe that we have to be "visible" so people know us. When people know us they like us, w...

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