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1. Is it okay for me to use the toilet while viewing homes?Yes, home sellers are prepped and told up-front to be prepared for people to use their bathrooms.  2. Can I eat the cookies or grab me a bottle of water? Unless the snacks and bottles of water are clearly displayed, it isn't acceptable to...
One of the most important aspects of my duties is to be able to negotiate the best price, terms and set of conditions for my client. Over the last ten years I've learned a lot about myself and about people in general. It's almost always a give and take as they say. It's important to look at the b...
Last week a buyer called my phone and asked if she could make an appointment to view one of my listings. With 20 minutes notice it was all but impossible. When I tried to reschedule her for a different time she let me know that she would not be working with a real estate agent and that she also d...
This early morning I received an email from Trulia (as I do in all cases when I take a listing) asking about my latest listing. They wanted me to review the uploaded listing and make sure everything was accurate.    To be perfectly honest, I'm surprised how much faster Trulia has been with regard...
Last week I canceled a contract for my buyer. During the right to terminate the contract the buyer decided on another home and was fully rebated her earnest money. It happens. No biggie. For entertainment purposes I'll use some made up numbers. The home was listed for $325,000 but we were able to...
1. Open title. Don't wait until you get an offer. Title defects, clouds and other issues can take weeks or months to cure. You don't want to lose a buyer (who doesn't want to hang around for the solution) because of the oversight.  When you list the home on the MLS you can let other agents know t...
Are your online "automatic valuations" compliant with the Texas Occupations Code? More specifically, Chapter 1103 amendment 535.17. Each state is different, and this specific code only applies to Texas licensees, although I suspect every state has some variation of this same requirement. It requi...
Can the HOA prevent me from flying my flag?  Not in Texas.  HB 680 amends the current property code. HOA's can regulate the size, number and location of flags but they can no longer prevent a homeowner from flying their flag.  The regulation does not prevent the installation of at least one flag...
Last week a buyer who was already working with a Realtor called me about one of my listings. He expressed interest and told me that it was exactly the type of house he was looking for. I then told him to contact his agent. Before getting off the phone the buyer said, "Heck, since I'm finding the ...

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