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In a sellers market a buyer usually does everything possible to make their offer as attractive as possible to the seller. A contingency offer usually means the buyer's contract is contingent on financing. This is perfectly acceptable and never an negotiable piece that I've ever witnessed. But whe...
 The link to Inman is now broken. Was this a hack? Is it true? 
On each MLS listing there's a field that only members & HAR staff can see. (Agent Remarks). It's an opportunity for the Listing Agent to lay out the use of the title company, earnest money amount and other instructions to guide the buyers agent with their offer. Every once in awhile the agent wor...
Last week I ordered flowers and chocolates for one of my past clients who referred me two home buyers. When I called in the order was quickly processed and everything appeared to be handled smoothly. Later that same day my client thanked me for the flowers, but  made no mention of the chocolates....
When I work with home buyers I often provide several home inspectors to help them inspect the home they are about to purchase. Each home inspector I work with is experienced and well versed on doing their job. A good inspector is transparent about all findings, detailed and most of all, capable o...
I need a Realtor that will fight for me!It's not the first time I've heard this expression. And to be honest, I don't like it. Realtors and attorneys may cross paths here and there for one reason or another, but our duties and days in the life of are extremely different. Realtors don't, and shoul...
I'm a pretty easy going guy. If my home were on the market I wouldn't be bothered if a buyer and his agent decided to sit on my couch. Relax, talk about my house. Get yourself a beer if it helps. I love to entertain. But this is my attitude and personality. I understand how some people can be mor...
Last week a friend (Realtor) of  mine asked if I could show one of his buyers a house while he was on vacation. I obliged and met the buyer at 1892 Overthere Lane. The buyer showed up with his uncle, girlfriend, grandfather and dad. No big deal. It's natural for buyers to bring others with them f...
I don't want to get into a gun debate, but I am interested in what you think about gun respect. It may be legal for me to walk into a sellers home locked & loaded, but will it offend them? If they knew I was showing their home armed to the teeth would it upset them? Should I care? I carry a weapo...
Who does the final walk-thru when the buyer is out of town? It's fairly common for buyers to close on the home they are purchasing while out of town and in some cases, out of the country. A final walk is an opportunity for the buyer to see the home one last time before attending closing. The home...

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