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From our Brokerage President - Dan Elsea: For the first quarter of 2013, Michigan is still a leader in the housing recovery but a number of states have caught up, extending the housing recovery across the nation. Throughout the state we are seeing inventory shortages and rising values. Southeast ...
From the Jack’s Winning Words blog comes this little bit of inspirational thinking - “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, ‘I’m possible!’’” (Audrey Hepburn)   I like Hepburn’s line of thinking. It is directing you away from pondering the seemingly impossible things in life and towards us...
I often encounter confusion on the part of buyers, who either are not from Michigan or who perhaps haven’t been in the market for 20-30 years, about the different types of properties that I might be showing them. Michigan has at least one totally unique class of properties that you won’t find in ...
Whether or not you’ll be traveling out-of-town over Spring Break, go to my Web site – www.movetomilford.com and check out all of the fun things there will be to do around the Huron Valley area over the next few weeks. You can start with The Great Egg Hunt out at Kensington Metropark this week and...
  From the Freddie Mac Web Site comes this report -   March 28 Low and relatively steady mortgage rates are invigorating the housing market. For instance, existing home sales over January and February experienced the strongest two-month pace since November 2009, while new home sales were the str...
A recent survey by Zillow of over 100 professional economic forecasters produced a prediction of a fairly fast recovery in housing prices - about 4.1% per year over the next five years. That's above the historic (pre-bubble) rate of 3.4% that had been in place for decades. If the Zillow predictio...
“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen?” (John Steinbeck) from the Jack’s Winning Words blog. You could also state this thought, “I wonder how many people I know that I don’t really know?”   As I get older I’ve become a bit more introspective about thoughts like Stein...
Today is the day for the annual Huron Valley Chamber of Commerce free Easter egg hunt. The event divides the kids into three different age group brackets, so that it's a little more fair for the younger aged children. The hunt will tak place at the Duck Lake Pines Park on Duck Lake Rd in Highland...
In Michigan, March Madness - the NCAA Basketball Tournament  is a big thing. We have two relatively close teams in the Tourney - Michigan and Michigan State - and both are plying at a local venue - the Palace of Auburn Hills. It get a little crazy. The real estate market is a little crazy right n...
I hear the phrase in ther title of this post more often these days as more and more people who have been just barely hanging on by their fingernails finally get out of denial and call me about a possible short sale. These are not people who did anything wrong. They did not borrow frivolously, no...

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