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  Are we on solid footing in the United States economy? Ok, before I go any further, please understand that if you’re the sensitive political type, you should stop reading now.   The short answer is no, not really! We have been down so long that any glimmer of upward movement is called a recover...
  Wow, what a start to the year! Can you believe it’s almost May? Real Estate in Texas is like no place else right now. Miller Homes Group has offices in Tyler and Longview Texas and is expanding because of great agents and a market that never crashed as bad as most did around the country.  After...
Homes in Tyler Texas are moving and we have an old familiar problem. Agents who don't do much finally getting a customer and agents forgetting they aren't the deal, their customer is. It seems that every week now we have an agent get in the way of a deal going thru. I had a seller call me from an...
  Time to call it like I see it. The press and the prognosticators are floating the idea that home sales have slowed due to a small rise in interest rates. Baloney (or BS)! We often times fail to understand the outright onslaught on their income and lifestyle have become paralyzed. I wrote that a...
  Well what do you know, the critics were right, the affordable care act is not affordable and the middle class will be killed by it. Bad laws are bad laws and the House of Representatives has no obligation to fund anything they don’t want to. Remember that women could not vote and then there was...
A Consumer Reports survey looked at the difference in services between an independent broker agent and a Franchise agent and the variances they found are, overall, fairly negligible.   What might be surprising to learn is that independent real estate brokers, despite their "boutique" image, often...
Agent profile of the day today is Mr. Kevin Blackwell.       Kevin was born on Aug. 17, 1980 at Good Shepard Hospital in Longview, TX.  His parents, Rodney and Darrel, raised Kevin in East Texas until his graduation from Hallsville High School in 1999.  He then moved to Tyler to attend The Univer...
Are we doing enough for our community? At Miller Homes Group in Tyler Texas we ask this everyday. Simply put, we want to do as much as possible and do it from the heart. For almost 2 years, Homes for Heroes was available and no one in our market touched it. The greed took over and no agent or com...
This just might work! Recently it came to our attention here at Miller Homes Group that our market area did not have an apartment locator. As a group we went out and visited many of the complexes in the area and discovered that they actually wanted one and would be glad to support it. We looked v...
What does a rise in interest rates mean to the housing market? I for one think it will stabilize the market to the point that more loans will occur. No, I’m not on drugs, just hear me out. There are trillions, yes I said trillions of dollars in private money sitting on the sideline just waiting t...

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Miller Homes Group, your best choice for your Real Estate needs. Call or come by today and see what our resources can do for you.