This is very important information every homeowner should know.   What Homeowners Insurance Does and Doesn't Cover If you own a house, homeowners insurance is a necessity.  Your lender won't give you a mortgage without a homeowners' policy.  A storm might damage your home, your belongings might b...
A never wanted a dog.  I told my kids.  No, we will not have a dog.  I am a cat person.  And IF we ever get a dog, it will be an outside dog.  That is what fur is made for.Then....Scrolling Facebook 9 years ago I saw a picture of this dog that needed to be rehomed because the owners were moving a...
Chocolate is vital to our survival.  The Dinosaurs didn't have chocolate and look what happened to them!
Yes, it is true.  The IRS MAY be able to put a levy on your retirement account.  The IRS basically "steps in the shoes of the taxpayer:  If the taxpayer can liquidate their retirement account, even with an early withdrawal penalty, then the IRS can reach it by a levy. If the taxpayer can't then t...
What kind of shorts do clouds wear?Thunderpants
Why is Peter Pan always flying? Because he Neverlands.   Have a Happy Day!  
My Grandfather told me he saw the Titanic, and that from the begining he warned all the people that the ship would sink.  Nobody listened to him.He was a brave man.  He did not give up.  He warned them again and again on several occasions...until they kicked him out of the cinema. Have a Happy Da...
A man was driving through the country when he spotted a horse standing in a field. He was quite taken with the animal and so he pulled over to ask the farmer if it was for sale. "Afraid not," said the farmer. "I'll give you a $1,000!" said the man. "I can’t sell you that horse. He don’t look too...
Today's post concerns Continuing Levies.  A continuing levy operates as the names suggest, it is ongoing until it is released by the IRS or fully paid.  A continuing levy seizes what the taxpayer earns and is usually used on wages and routinely paid commissions.A continuing levy causes economic h...
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