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The news during the last week has been pretty grim. Every headline seems to be about either some really stupid government action which will adversely impact the economy or about some really stupid government action which adversely impacts the personal freedom of the populace. Yesterday just about...
It's been said that a computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history - with the possible exception of the combination of handguns with tequila.  It's true that computers make very accurate mistakes very quickly.  Having had a previous consulting career which invol...
Metro Orlando surpassed New York City as the most visited city in the United States in 2010.  Last year there was a record-breaking 51 and one-half million visitors to The City Beautiful.  This is the first time a U.S. travel destination drew more than 50 million annual visitors. This record was ...
Here's a beautifully decorated lakefront home priced to sell! It's located within a few miles of downtown Orlando, Florida and about the same distance from Disney World. Sorry, your browser doesn't support iframes.
Buying property in Turkey is easy, prices are low and the area along the Mediterranean coast is currently enjoying massive popularity among the British with some knowledgable Americans buying there also. Here's a list of properties currently available: Sorry, your browser doesn't support iframes.
Here's a nice development in a great area!
Here's a great waterfront property within a few minutes of Disney World. Sorry, your browser doesn't support iframes.
Housing starts for December were reported at 529K as opposed to a projected number of 550K.  The prior month's revised number was 553K.  So, to put it into a percentage, starts slipped 4.3% in December.  This is mostly based on higher-value single-family starts, since that segment was down about ...
The Orange County Sportsmen's Association just sent out it's November newsletter.  Points of interest are: 1. Orange County has given approval to OCSA to demolish the old house at 9012 Kilgore Road and build a new multi-purpsoe building with additional rest room facilities and limited facilities ...
Ever wondered what was involved in quantative easing? Most people have an idea that the Fed somehow prints money. Or they might know that the Fed purchases Treasury bonds and somehow that creates money and this infusion of money is done to "help the economy." Here's another take on the sequence o...

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