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October 6 Old Republic Title is no longer offering title insurance to JPM/Chase or Ally REO sales. Source    
The massive mortgage mess just keeps getting more and more complex. The robo-signature problem hit home this morning on the 4closureFraud.org blog. He demonstrates that mortgage releases will also be in doubt. The example used is a release for a mortgage in the name of President Obama. The signat...
Here is the 5 part video series which will blow your mind about the monumental scam which has made victims of us all. You will see that what we're doing now is unsustainable. 1. Money as Debt - Part 1 2. Money as Debt - Part 2 3. Money as Debt - Part 3 4. Money as Debt - Part 4 5. Money as Debt -...
Bank of America announced that they would halt foreclosure proceedings in all 50 states pending review of the thousands of documents that they use to process foreclosures. This is part of the growing scandal relating to foreclosures nationwide. There are two parts to this problem. The first is th...
So, how bad could the Mortgage Mess actually get? Let's daydream for a minute and look at the possible problems this situation could create. We already know that several major banks have placed a moratorium on foreclosure sales in 23 states. In addition, I've spoken to our title agent and she was...
The National Association of Realtors developed the pending home sales index to be used as a leading indicator of housing sales. It is specific to existing home sales and does not represent new home sales. The Pending Home Sales Index jumped 4.3% in August, having previously jumped 4.5% in July. A...
There has been an ongoing argument over the past months about whether or not the U.S. will see continued deflation or inflation.  It's generally considered that we're in a deflationary environment now, but, due to continued government spending and increasing national debt, we should eventually se...
Just when we'd all heard that housing indications were trending upward, today's new home sales number came in at a lackluster 288,000 units annually. This is essentially unchanged from July's number. Total housing supply fell to 206,000 which is the lowest level since 1968. The problem is that sa...
The mortgage purchase applications index fell slightly over three percent following a fraction of a percent drop last week. This is a reverse of the prior few weeks climbing index.  This drop occurred despite the average 30-year interest rate dropping to 4.44%.  The refinance index also fell almo...
August, 2010 housing starts jumped 10.5 percent after rising a modest 0.4 percent in July. The August annualized pace of 0.0.598 million units was higher than analysts' expectations for 0.550 million units.  This pace is up 2.2 percent compared to a year ago. August also showed a 32.2 percent sur...

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