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Google...They never cease to amaze me! As a Realtor coming from a semi-tech background I am always on theprowl for better ways to use technology. I know by very virtue of you reading this blog that you are too. I subscribe to Pat Kitano's "TRANSPARENT REAL ESTATE so when his RSS feed relating to ...
Pat Parelli and Parelli Natural Horse•Man•Ship are looking at completion of the International Coorperate Headquarters here in Pagosa Springs in the latter part of 2007. The Parelli center, internationally known in part for the training of the  "Savvy System", has been at home here since 1982 prov...
We are seeing the pendulum pointing at a Buyer's Maket, but is it starting to swing the other way? Unfortunatly I can not predict the future but I can look at a few indicators.UNITS SOLD2cd Qtr 062cd Qtr 07Unit % Gain/LossResidential Homes3929DOWN -25.64%Vacant Land Lots (< 1acre)7151DOWN -28.17%...
I recently had a long and in-deapth conversation with my daughter on "what did you do today daddy?" She's 3, with amazing insight into me, I must admit.  I gave her the tright answers of .."Talked to a lot of people and tried to help them sell their house." This would not suffice. What ensued was...
Pagosa Springs June of 07 Residential Real Estate Statistics. All numbers were compiled using the local area MLS database. This includes all residences, Single Family, Multifamily, Condo and Manufactured on less than 1 and 1/2 acre in the Pagosa Springs area.June Residential 2007# HomesMedianLowe...
Buyer Question-Chris, how can I protect my potential purchase contract if my lender drags his feet and we miss Loan Conditions Deadline. This happened to us in Phoenix and we missed out on a tremendous investment opportunity.Chris' Answer-  Don't use a slug for a lender!...OK. This happens more o...

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