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My mother is moving in with me, along with my wife and 3 children. Yes, there will be difficult times, but over-all I think it's the best thing. My children will be closer to their grandmother. My wife is very open and understanding with my mom, and as a result I think both will benefit. Me, well...
You've heard the phrase, "It is better to give than it is to receive". This may be true depending on who you ask. Everyone we know falls under one of these two qualities. They are either "Givers" or "Takers". So is your real estate agent a "Giver" or "Taker"? If you don't know, then you don't kno...
Sometimes people say "rent controlled" but actually MEAN rent stabilized . . . do you know the difference? There is a difference between rent control and rent stabilization, but the term "rent regulated" encompasses both rent controlled and rent stabilized units. The Rent Guidelines Board has the...
                                             for 10/1/2008 to 9/30/09 On June 26, 2008 The Rent Guidelines Board of Westchester County approved the following increases for leases renewed during the upcoming period of 10/01/2008 - 9/30/2009: 1-year Lease term:  4.5% 2-year Lease term:  6.5% And fo...
Did you know... The 51 mile long canyon of the river Tara is the second largest and deepest chasm in the world after the Grand Canyon. Biogradska gora, national park, is one of only three remaining primeval and virgin forests in Europe. Four national parks cover 7% of the Montenegrin territory. B...
Recently, someone asked me if they could print one of my blogs so that they could share it with their family at the dinner table. I didn't see any problems with that, so I said of course (I actually felt honored). Then several days ago, I read a blog Printing tip for AR blog posts - CLOSE THE TAG...
What is really going on? Why does a buyer think that he/she will save money by going through the selling agent? Are buyers agents missing something? If the selling agents fiduciary relationship is with the Seller first, then she is employed to get the highest and best price for her Seller. Are li...
28 units on 24 acre former horse property!   Price: $2,240,000 (7% CAP rate)  Private road, pond, all flat and open fields (former horse property), zone multi-family, great development potential, laundry room waiting to be finished for added income, plenty of parking, new horse fencing.  Excellen...
I was just talking to a friend who lives in Long Island and is currently looking to buy a house. I recommended that he stick to one agent who would be his buyers agent and this way he could get the best representation. He told me that he uses multiple real estate agents, because he does not want ...
  Finding Riches in the Rubble! It was my 8th birthday, only no one seemed to care. It wasn't the first time that my birthday came and went without acknowledgement. I actually didn't even know when my birthday was or what it meant to celebrate one's birthday. When I think back, it was perfectly ...

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