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A light hearted blog from London, UK providing an insight into the British property market and the way agents work over here. Also focusing on web 2.0 technology and the power of online marketing.
I blog from London, England - may explain any strange turn of phrases :-) Today I'm thinking about Christmas decorations. No, not the tasteful ones in the privacy of your own lounge, the giant flashy trashy ones the whole street can see on the outside of your house. Every town has a street where ...
There's nothing worse than when hard work goes unrecognized, so if you've broken your back on something to improve your business - then how on earth do you make sure you get noticed?                                                                                           This morning I had a gor...
America is full to the rafters of professional ’stagers’. Rather than being luvvies that go to too many theatrical performances, these people are the type you may want to buddy up with if you’re trying to sell a property. ‘Staging’ is the act of preparing a home for sale, those of you who watch t...
Note- I blog from London, England....that's why the iPhone is still big news :-)Pretty much everyone walking down the street has a phone in their pocket, and now the powers that be have given us a phone with a workable web device. For the past couple of years we’ve been able to check our emails o...
As I rode on the underground (nee subway) to work this morning I realized the man next to me was fiddling with an iPhone. I found myself staring at it enthralled by it's wonder, I had never seen one up close, they were the type of gadgets you read about in the newspaper, the type of product you s...
I've copied this over from my British blog, because it's always nice to share the halloween love......Happy Halloween! Halloween is upon us yet again…and although the most terrifying thing you are likely to see on the streets tonight is a hooded youf with eggs and flour, it’s always nice to get ...
An interesting question I'm sure you'll agree! Should AR go international? Would it work any where else? Are the British too stiff lipped to embrace a friendly community where people share their wisdom rather than keep it all locked away in a black leather brief case? As the only AR user based in...
Remember: I blog from London so survey results show British responses, but should be pretty interesting nevertheless :-) Users love interactive maps when searching for property and we’ve been asking our users at Zoomf (a London property search engine similar to Zillow/Trulia) what they think is t...
I wrote this post for my company blog to help our readers understand RSS. But I think some people here will find it pretty useful too so I've copied it here as well. Enjoy :-) RSS is a Really Sexy Something. OK that’s not what it actually stands for but it is a rather lovable feature. RSS is an a...
This is copied over from my English blog, because I simply love the idea of living in an old missile base!!! For all the James Bond and Dr. Evil types, we may have found the perfect home for you. Unfortunately it is not listed on Zoomf, but it is so good we thought we’d promote it anyway. Curren...

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