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 1. "Wouldn't that make a great condo?" Trump is excited by North Korea's real estate potential.         What you should do:          - Maybe ask yourself where you draw the line on real estate transactions. Do you ever say "no"?2. Why Empathy Belongs At The Heart Of Real Estate       What you sh...
  1. Trump's Hosts at Summit Are Low-Profile Real Estate Billionaires.         What you should do:          - Hope for the best outcome. And remember you don't need to be a billionaire to own cutting-           edge technology designed in the heart of the Silicon Valley. ;-)2. Trade in your house...
Hi ActiveRainers,It's been a while since we shared one of our WEBSITE MASTERY webinars - so, here you go!WATCH: a closer look at our NEW website template (featuring an exclusive testimonial section), and inside-access to our listing-generating tool "Seller's Corner."Remember: you can’t make someb...
Hi ActiveRainers,We have a NEW website template that we're pretty excited about.It's called "Montreal." You can check it out here (and/or check out screenshots below).Our company has come a long way. And we're committed to going even farther.We'd love to hear any and all feedback you have to shar...
 1. Group temporarily bans real estate signs to improve town.         What you should do:          - Make sure you have a strong online presence. Who knows when a sign ban may creep            into your neck of the woods? 2. Who controls the data that fuels real estate deals?       What you shoul...
 Staying connected to your homeowners (via Seller's Corner) pays off in 2018.How?Case in point: 13705 Sherman Blvd, Marina, CA 93933- Listing Price (2017): $634,000 (via Redfin)- Listing Price (2018): $799,000 (via Oak Anchor Homes)- Property Value Increase: $165,000 in 3 years.In a nutshell, $16...
 1. Antitrust Cops Turn Attention to Real Estate Data Zillow Needs"Critics say the project has the potential to impede competition in the market by placing a large share of valuable real estate data in the hands of one entity controlled by NAR and large brokerages. Access to such data has been cr...
 Hi ActiveRainers,As promised, here's another 5 Things You Should Know (+ Do) news roundup for the day... 1. California Ballot Initiative To Expand Property Tax Breaks for Wealthy Seniors Could Be Boon to GOP.         What you should do:          - Read the proposed Proposition 13 Tax 13 Tax Tran...
 Howdy ActiveRainers,Tim here. Happy June! It's a new month, and I think it's time for a change of pace with the frequency, content, and style of our blogging.With that said, every Friday I'll be posting a "5 Things You Should Know (+ What To Do)." You may have seen similar formatting featured on...
ActiveRainers,Remember the song "Different" by Cass Elliot? When I was smaller, and people were taller, I realized that I was different. I had a power that set me apart. I learned to take it, to use it to make it. It's not so bad to be different. To do your own thing, and do it heart!Why do I bri...

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