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Fears about staging by realtors.
 A few weeks ago I tried to convince a group of investors that despite the rough market, and surplus of houses on the market, that a vacant property benefits from home staging in Chandler. The property had a nice floor plan, but it lacked warmth.   It did not have the "feel at home" vibe that hel...
There are a number of home stager tips when dealing with Vacant Properties we should all demand.  I had the misfortune this weekend of learning a lesson the hard way.   I only mention it because of the conditions I was exposed to.   Hot weather Home Stager Tips number #1.   Always ask for a set o...
If you want a great laugh, you need to visit a website I discovered today. It's a showcase of ugly houses, and gives creedance on why you need to stage your home in Arizona.  One has to wonder why any of these properties would be on an MLS, and why sellers need a more objective eye. IT SHOULD BE ...
Kitchen cabinet updates can help sell your homes faster, and I  have found a new process that I think can provide an innovative way to enhance their look.  Rustoleum now has at least 35 different colors and glazed finishes sure to add more drama to any kitchen.  In the amount of time it would tak...
As a homestager,   I wondered who will lead the housing recovery in Arizona Real Estate? Will it be the Boomers, or the Canadians?  Who are the home buyers, today?  I need to appeal to the broadest group of buyers as a homestager, so who will lead the housing recovery in Arizona Real Estate?  Wha...
Despite the hardships many Arizonans face, and daily struggles ,there are still some great things going on.  On April 30th Habitat for Humanity will dedicate another home in Chandler, Arizona.   This is a very well built home.  It is my second home I have volunteered for, but it's clearly somethi...
I just discovered that Home Stagers are being upstaged by new "staging" methods that could threaten our industry!  It seems some realtors in this world are trying anything to sell a property.  They are literally bringing in SWAT teams to push high end properties, and have taken others as hostages...
There are fitness centers, and there are fitness centers,...however the Chandler Rec Center is no wreck!!.  When I decided to enter the home staging arena, one thing I realized was  I need to keep up my strength, so by accident I discovered the Chandler Rec Center, in Chandler.   It's real name i...
Boy,   today I realized that mistakes can happen, even to Stagers.   I have been talking with a realtor for several months now.   I communicated through email, and told the realtor about 3 weeks ago that I had an initial consulting fee of $150. Because the seller  was in the outer reaches of the ...
Yes, the Home Gains 2011 Home Maximizer Survey can be misleading!  Let me say first , I'm no scientist, but in the past I have headed up buyer behavior research projects and learned a thing or two about analyzing research.  First of all the Home Gains 2011 Home Maximizer Survey can be misleading ...

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