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Fears about staging by realtors.
In addition to the known statistics on why you should stage a home in Phoenix, there are other reasons for home staging in Phoenix.  These recent  statistics do not always reflect the seller's mind set, but the sellers hold the keys to how much a home might sell for in today's market!! It doesn't...
Tonight this  question came up at a large mixer in Scottsdale. "When should you stage a home in Phoenix?" A mortgage broker told me that it wasn't worth staging a house unless it was at least $400,000.  Another broker said $1,000,000.   I talked with several realtors, and got some interesting arg...
There are fitness centers, and there are fitness centers,...however the Chandler Rec Center is no wreck!!.  When I decided to enter the home staging arena, one thing I realized was  I need to keep up my strength, so by accident I discovered the Chandler Rec Center, in Chandler.   It's real name i...
Realtors have probably all heard the compelling reasons to stage a home in Phoenix. -- And home stagers have all heard the objections against it.  It all boils down to "dollars and cents".   In reality, it should boil down to "dollars and common sense"!  What IS the real cost of not staging a hou...
There is a  HUGE reason why reserve studies are so important in Arizona.  10 years ago, I purchased a brand new townhome in Chandler, Arizona.  Like many developments our HOA became involved in a defect lawsuit. Builders were slapping developments up , left and right!   The property was originall...
Recently  I watched a webinar by Matthew Ferrara that focused on Boomer Realtors and the Gen Xer mind set. It talked about how so many of us attempting  to work with Gen Xers,  often  think they are from a different planet!  The webinar focused on the cultural influences that have shaped their th...
. There are a few facts to consider when selling a home in the Phoenix  area.  It's a buyers' market in Arizona. Critical facts to consider when selling a home in the Phoenix  area go much deeper than paint colors and clutter.  Examples of the challenges include: •·    Nearly 40% of first time bu...
Recently I became certified in home staging, but what I've found is there are varying levels of expertise, and perceptions by realtors.  As someone who is extremely interested in developing a good reputation in the industry, I would love to know if realtors in Arizona are somewhat disheartened by...

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