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    Women! Men find it difficult to live with them or without them. Because of this, I believe that in order for men to maintain their sanity and manhood, there is this built-in self defense mechanism called selective hearing or audible bypass. If a MRI was done, I am sure that there is a tube th...
     Wow! it has been a great morning. This morning was one of those unusual mornings that I did not get up at my usual time and what I did finally stir out of bed it was, OMG! Normally, our roll out of the sac in the wee hours of the morning; however, it was almost 5 o’clock before I got my stin...
    Next week I will have the opportunity to attend the First Step to BOLD. I am really looking forward towards it as I will BOLDLY go where not too many home inspectors have gone before. There are some really good home inspectors across the country and Middle Tennessee, however, most of them are...
    I love my Mac. I have several of them. The oldest being a first generation 17” MacBook Pro which I still use from time to time. When Microsoft chose to abandon XP, which I thought was the last good, stable OS they had and decided to launch Vista, I made the decision to say "Hasta la vista" to...
    Generally, I write most of my posts in the morning and because my morning routine is changing, I realized that if I want to be a contributing member of the ‘Rain, I need to write something, some time of the day so here I write a long, run-on sentence. Yes, I could have broken it up so that on...
     I have much to be grateful for. Every morning that I wake up and every day that I can lay my head down on my pillow every night is a huge blessing in itself. As many miles that I put on my vehicle every week and not get squished by an 18 wheeler, SUV or broadsided by some dolt texting is a m...
    As we all learned in high school English, we are not supposed to let our participles dangle. Men, quit smirking! I know what you are thinking. I’m a guy. Lest I digress, dangling participles can be quite amusing. A good example of this is "Squished flat by Bubba's pick-up truck, ‘Ol Blue snif...
     I know, a silly name for the title of a post, but it is true. No, it was not one of the smaller meadow butterflies that usher in the beginning of Spring; I was a large yellow swallowtail. Normally, I do not see them in this area until May or June. Is it possible that this one was blown up he...
    Today is Easter Sunday; a day most revered in the Christian religion. It is a day when, God’s son, rose from the dead proving, once again, that not only are we spiritual beings, but our bodies were created to be immortal.    There is a lot of speculation surrounding the resurrection. Some nay...
Just when the caterpillar thought its life in the world was over; it became a butterfly. I am a butterfly and the Earth is my chrysalis.~ an adaption of unknown and me    Nothing ever stays the same; the earth, the sky or people. One of the things I learned from folks like Tony Robbins, Zig Zigla...

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