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In every facet of life and function one thing stands out which is the core principal or the engine that drives it all and i.e. the integrity behind it or motive if you will. Take a moment to consider that when it comes to products and services plus interactive-relationships personal or profession...
Here is a subject that causes discomfort starting with the one doing it first and then with anyone else it can rope in. Question: Have you ever heard someone pitch enthusiastically their excuse as if it was the gospel truth? For a person to do this they first had to convince themselves. Then, to ...
Sometimes we get so lost in our ambitions that we forget to enjoy the obvious i.e. what is presented to us in the moment wherever we are. Picture a compass point. It is broken down into 360 degrees of observations or points that when turned to gives us a view of that segment we are observing. One...
There are two types of business I will bring to your attention that require YOU full time. First, your professional arena, chosen career or current money-making situation. Why? You are trading yourself for what they offer and if you are not attending to that they will be the first to suffer with ...
Who hasn't visited with sorrow? Regret? Remorse? Welcome to the human race where "pain" & error is part of our short journey here and while we do not seek it out or set a place for it it finds us in some mysterious way and makes the visit. How? We are complex creatures with a variety of needs fue...
Many put off this time of reckoning for all the different personal reasons but for only so long as it has an agenda of its own and makes itself known eventually. We may have caused it, have it coming as in comeuppance or it can be an answer to prayer one we were not expecting but may be the neces...
The subject of importancy has got to be a ten when it is activated and at the same time is not only subjective but temporary in its nature. Stop and pause here. Our whole e-z-peasy take it as it comes world comes to a crash, rearranges itself and then focuses on an issue when delivered in the "im...
The "you" part I understand but who really are we directing this statement (and why) which correctly identifies the "state" of our heart when done honestly? We are really stating for anyone that can hear that we appreciate whatever we are addressing and gratitude is what is being marketed. We are...
Kids have no trouble with this concept of telling or saying it just like it is. Even if they fail etiquette, mainstream or higher level learning standards they still are using simplicity to make themselves and their wants known and we like children for it. We smile, laugh, encourage and instruct ...
I bet if we would run background checks starting from 10 years old and forward on everyone in Washington DC that is in government we would have 90% vacancy and be even be challenged to fill those positions. Why? Because almost two thirds (2/3) of Americans have some sort of documented record or s...

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