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We can only process so much data whether it is deliberate (seeking) or submitted (awareness) at one time keeping in mind how much can be retained? What is necessary? Do we allow ourselves to drift or be distracted or do we maintain a reachable and inviting alertness until an interest or prompting...
Communication and all related dynamics are not limited to speech but to intent, motive, common sense and obvious necessity. The five senses are automatically attuned to each other and report to the bearer input and relevance to all that is observed or called to our attention. The senses speak (wi...
I am reminded of a grain of sand that in and of itself doesn't stand-out or can even be seen (well) let alone desired but when put with its like kind becomes a sand-bar or a beachhead with a distinct purpose both below and above the surface. Collectively these grains serve a purpose and individua...
We have methods, procedures and established ways of doing most everything unless we go custom and we then all agree to that. In our established ways and means, when all goes well it ends well as expected. But what if there is a hiccup, a failure or worse an unexpected human nature twist that adds...
There are subjects that come-up in life that can be difficult or sensitive to approach let alone discuss. Does this mean we cease to comment, put our true feelings on hold and let these subjects do as they wish? Subjects can range from being embarrassing to disgusting and from shocking to suggest...
To set the mind-set of entering into this post I remind everyone of this subtle often over-looked and rarely-discussed fact of life i.e. none of us have ever been here before. Pause here. Compare this to a place or moment you have been in more than once. You become familiar, confident and life-ed...
Short post to pay homage to patriotic songs that we don't hear too much about. I grew up with these songs as it was required singing in 5th and 6th grade public schools back in the 50/60's. They had a auditorium period and the principal of all people would go to the head of the auditorium and con...
It plagues mankind. It intrudes. We give it life or death depending how we handle it.  For those that are quick to blame, deny or excuse and refuse to take responsibility and accountability for their part played or the part not played, I say you/we are the problem with this point in mind. There i...
First step is to reduce the problem-solving workload so that we can begin the process of sorting then tackling and then eliminating what doesn't work and replacing it with what does. From there an education regarding this subject automatically takes place. When approached and focused upon this be...
I love nature and the animal, plant and insect (not all) kingdoms and the dynamics/aspects of it all. It is a marvel of community and science laced with awe and wonder. It is a living experience of other types of life all intermingled and interacting with each other creating a living harmony of i...

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