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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
I may have preached on this before but a conversation I had minutes ago got my blood a pumping again on this subject.Regretfully, 12/30/19 was the last day of business for our one and only Christian bookstore, Gideon's Trumpet.Gideon's Trumpet is truly a casualty of on line shopping.I get that. I...
Now that I've looked over a couple hundred old photos I've inherited and sorted out the ones I want to keep I'm starting to label them. This hasbrought me to the realization that if you don't share your knowledge (your information) then your knowledge and information is worthless to society. Less...
My dad loved his cars. I always knew this but until today I didn't realize that his love of automobiles went back so far. I'm currently going through a big box of old photo's that was given to me a few years ago but never had time to look through them. I've got to clarify that dad didn't know a t...
We have had some unusual Birthday Cakes in the Timm household, the most unusual being Tina's request for a "Litter-box Birthday Cake" (yes it looks just like a soiled litter-box and is served with a litter-box poop scoop).A new creation was served up just a few days ago. A popcorn cake!It was muc...
Today has been AMAZING weather wise for Minot ND, in a good way, with the high temp in the 40's. They had been predicting winds also in the 40's, 50's and 60's but as of yet it has not happened. With this kind of balmy weather I had to get out and take a walk.I took the next 3 pictures of a kitty...
When Victor is around there is never a dull moment!He jumps out of planes, he's learning to fly the big ones (B52's), and much more. Victor and I are friends through Toastmasters 636 in Minot ND and we have extended our friendship through mutual friends/get togethers, and our love of all things t...
 This photograph is approximately an 4" X 6" part of a canvas that is a about 18" by 24". The entire canvas, or more accurately the entire piece of glass, is a window on my GMC Yukon. While scraping the frost off of your automobiles windows on a daily basis for 6 months can be viewed as a pain in...
I am thankful that Dr. Steven Shirley has been a regular guest on Minot Today. His visits are always fun and informative. I am the parent of a child who is graduating from Minot High School this year so I was eager to ask a few more questions about Minot State Universities offerings. I hope you e...
It's after Thanksgiving, now it's okay to snow. Snowfalls before Thanksgiving are just plain RUDE! That being said we have had several already this Fall and Halloween usually carries about a 50/50 chance of snow in any year in North Dakota. Those early snowfalls rarely stick around but one like t...
My old Galaxy S3 was no longer holding a charge long enough to be useful to me anymore. Those of you who know me know that I can't seem to throw anything away that I can re-purpose and I figured there has to be a use for a phone that they say is more powerful than the computer systems first used ...

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