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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
In the case of who chewed up the table cloth, Joe doesn't need a detective BUT if you are a home Buyer you DO need to hire a detective. Even if the home Sellers are sweet looking old Grandparent types you want to hire a Home Inspector before buying a home.Check out this 18 second videoIf you are ...
Sweet Dreams may consist of many subjects. I believe I may have had a sweet dream about food like Titus did, most likely during a nap when Carol was cooking something awesome.Most of my sweet dreams are about people I love, and of course the occasional dream of someone I don't know at all. I've a...
The evidence is not always on the lips of the liar but the lie always comes from the lips of a liar.I am not a big Jim Carrey fan but I thought the movie Liar, Liar was his best.In Real Estate their is no such thing as a good lie. Many Real Estate students here on Active Rain ask what is the most...
Timmothy's cartoon today is a good springboard for one of my biggest pet peeves, littering.In my NOT so humble opinion people who litter are the most narcissistic, lazy, and stupidest people on Earth (now you know exactly how I feel about that). The only humans that are more narcissistic, lazier,...
Thanks to Timmothy's comic strip today I found some wonderful perspectives on intended behavior.I've assumed positive intent with every person I've encountered. Not only did it enabled me to become a better human being, also, in most cases has benefitted the other person. Dux Raymond SyBe aware: ...
As a parent, when your child asks you for a pet, be sure you learn as much as you can about that pet before you say yes. Chances are, you the parent, are going to be taking care of the pet and not your child. Not knowing the needs of your new pet is why our animal shelters are overflowing and goo...
I've never know of a person or pet exploding but there are times when Carol or I have sneezed and scared the heck out of each other.On the other hand 2023 Was the Deadliest Year for Home Gas Explosions in Two Decades. If there is ever a time you think you smell natural gas in your home GET OUT an...
Yesterday Candice A. Donofrio posted a question about the AI Real Estate agent JOY. I had one of those "in the middle of the night thoughts" that I wanted to share with you.Back in the 70's there was a very creative musician/song writer who had a couple of monstrous hits.  I am talking about Harr...
There are many basic home styles BUT not so many that a new agent has an excuse for not knowing them. I remember the first time a Buyer asked me if there were any Cape Cod style homes on the market. I didn't know because I did not know what a Cape Cod home looked like when I started in the busine...
Air fresheners, air cleaners, essential oils all have their place but when I think of fresh air I think of this:When it comes to "stinky" Real Estate the culprit is usually related to pets and pet urine. If you can smell urine in your home you can easily deduct $10,000 from your homes value or mo...

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