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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
Even back in the day when we had two guinea pigs, a dog, and two birds I don't remember shedding season being so bad that I actually breathed in fur or feathers. That being said, two birds molting at the same time can create a really big mess.I have written a couple other pet shedding posts this ...
What can I say about this... rude and telepathic?Maybe it could apply as if Joe, the pet owner, and Titus, the guinea pig were instead Joe the Broker and Titus the newly licensed agent. Titus walks into Joe's office complaining and Joe tells him to listen up. Titus says, I'm a new agent, complain...
I think most pet owners have attempted to communicate with their pets by imitating them. I've never heard of one succeeding (like Dr. Dolittle) but it's fun to watch. I like Philemon's statement in the last panel. If you have never been around a guinea pig before that (wheek, wheek) is exactly ho...
No one wants to be thought of as insincere but that is what happens when you force yourself to smile while inside you are disagreeing with the person across from you. If a client starts talking about a subject from a point of view opposed to you you do not have to be untrue to yourself and you do...
Of course it's okay to smile before brushing your teeth but before you leave the house it's best to brush your teeth before greeting the world (and especially your clients). I always tried to look my best as if my clients were a "first date" I wanted to impress.Immediately following that first im...
You can see from the first two panels of Timmothy's cartoon that Philemon is pretty pleased with himself and the trick he mastered. The third and forth panel shows his disappointment that his master is not pleased with the trick he worked so hard to master. It reminds me of how proud many a littl...
This is an entry into the Fork It Over: June ActiveRain Recipe Challenge by Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can! Strawberry PieThe recipe below is very standard and I think the only adjustment is that Carol (my Bride) uses a ready made pie crust. The pictures are my own. The full recipe with a lot of ...
That darn mirror image, especially that first glance before the mornings shower. Why do we always expect to see that 18 year old us even now when we are ??? (70 for me). After the shower and after dressing for work I can look again and convince myself that I look like I'm 50 years old. Now if onl...
We all have our weaknesses and Real Estate has plenty of tempting traps for agents to fall into.It is nearly impossible to be a successful RE agent if you are a procrastinator. Putting off any of these items can/will lead to disaster.Getting out of bed by 8:00 AM.All paperwork associated with a l...
I guess the only way to go with this cartoon is things are always changing and we as professionals need to know what will work for us and what won't.Branding is very important in business and we need to think long and hard before we present ourselves as something that may even destroy our careers...

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