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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.
We all do it. Some times It's with jokes, personal stories, or even giving information about a house (this house is rumored to have spirits). I especially remember a few embarrassing times of sharing too much information when I was dating (several decades ago). As embarrassing as that was the onl...
NOT!!!Just look at that chart above. When you buy that box of cereal for Five Bucks they make a whole 12 Cents or how about that 6 pack of beer you purchased for $9.99 to offer your summer guests they make a killing of 5 cents (total for the whole six pack) for the grain and hops that make it pos...
On the 4th of July or ANY other day of the year the Timm family loves this country and we often wear our colors every month, not just on the 4th of July.This year we once again chose to attend the "old fashion" style of the 4th of July celebration at Roosevelt Park just across the street from our...
I love bargain hunting and I love family games so I satisfied both of those joys when I found a "like new" Bean Bag Golf game at the thrift store.This is such a simple game. The "holes" are about the size of a typical paper plate and the bean bags are about half the size of a typical Bean Bag Tos...
Camping 2022 We had somewhat of a "Staycation" this past week by heading out in our new (to us) camper at our favorite campsite just 45 miles from home. It went better then the one day test we did two weeks ago. Do you see a "problem" below?That first afternoon trip was good until we got about a ...
The International Peace Garden belongs to the people of the USA and Canada. It just happens to be in North Dakota Located 110 miles from my home in Minot.Earlier last week my daughter Tina and a friend paid a visit to the Garden and I asked her to take a few shots for me to share with you.True to...
While Timmothy's cartoon is funny and with Covid many of us can identify with it one aspect is not so funny... loneliness can lead to many serious mental health issues and even to suicide.I am sure the stats are much higher after 2020 with all that has gone on but they still get the message acros...
The list of events on the 4th of July in Minot ND is shortBUTTHE QUALITY OF THE EVENTS ARE EVCELLENT!Celebrate Independence Day at Roosevelt Park!This is an old fashion celebration and one of my personal favorites. I do not know the exact plan but I assure you that The Minot City Band will be the...
Sometimes I wonder if communication is improving or getting worse. Methods of communication have certainly improved technically (as mentioned in my last post about the move to 5G) but it seems like peoples focus and comprehension has gone down the toilet.If you have talked to anybody lately in re...
So you may wonder why I would care if an older technology like the 3G Network bites the dust, after all my current phone uses the 5G network.The key for me is the word SECURITY in the headline above. I've been using an app (one of many) that let's you use your old phone as a security camera. Howe...

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