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I travel across the U.S. and Canada talking to real estate agents on a regular basis.   Recently, I had what I would call a "very spirited" debate with an agent who, although he acknowledged that his advertising in The Real Estate Book had generated a significant number of phone calls on his list...
I received an interesting piece of mail with a special offer the other day.  Not something particuarly out of the ordinary . .  . except for the source -- Google.  And I couldn't help but ask myself, "Why would the world's largest search engine need to send me direct mail?  Isn't all print dead?"...
I recently attended Inman Connect in San Francisco, a real estate technology conference featuring the latest online developments for real estate and swarms of high tech minds.  And, while I gained new insights into the future of real estate marketing technology, I couldn't help but make the follo...
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A recent article in Advertising Age may lead some to believe that by simply placing a home on a listing aggregate site - voila!  The offers come pouring in.  Some agents have migrated to this online only strategy because their commission checks have been reduced and most of the sites are free. Wh...
LAWRENCEVILLE, GA--(Marketwire - January 29, 2009) - Citing the recent shifts and challenges in the real estate market, The Real Estate Book, a leading publisher online and in print of real estate information in North America, conducted a national survey of top real estate professionals to assess...
As the real estate industry has shifted, one thing is certain and prevalent.  Consumer confidence has been shaken.  Foreclosures and bank-owned properties are commonplace and represent one of the most negative prospects of home ownership.  Many sellers today will not recoup their investment, or w...
I recently attended a real estate media conference in which one of the speakers called upon the leaders of the industry to actively promote confidence in the real estate market by promoting homes they SOLD in 2008. Homes are still selling and what better way to promote positive news about the ind...
At The Real Estate Book, we recently conducted a customer service survey via email to a sampling of 28,000 of our advertisers and received an overwhelming 7600 plus responses and over 3500 individual comments.  While we are still calculating all results, I can confidently say that the response wa...
When you post your listings on a listing aggregate site, how do your expectations stack up to your reality?  Specifically, I'm curious about two things - the direct leads you receive and the traffic to your personal website. Sites with a large number of available properties for sale may attract a...

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