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Happenings in the South Suburban Illinois & Northwest Indiana areas
If your search to purchase a home for the first time had you in a flabbergasted state to hastily make a choice from what's available on the market... guess what?  GOOD NEWS!!  The deadline date for qualifying for the tax credit awarded to home buyers has been prolonged! Agents and buyers can both...
  My last showing appointment last night, was with one of our investors who purchases rental property for us to manage.  He was so excited about this single family home because it passed every item on his check list: It was the "RICE" Price - ONLY $39,900.00!! It was the "RICE" Size (3 bdrm 1 & 1...
Brett Furniss, a Contributor of our Property Management Group online has written a BLOG TO THINK ABOUT.... "Yes, I would like some cheese with this whine.  Thanks."  (Brett Furniss, Charlotte Property Manager and author of Charlotte Property Management Weekly) "President Obama has declared the sw...
Google SAUCE you say?  Yes, that's what it is!  What's that?  Well, it simply means that Google finds a VERY IMPORTANT REAL ESTATE BLOG and spreads it to the public.... like SAUCE!! SAUCE?  Yes, SAUCE like in APPLESAUCE!!  That's exactly what happened to: A girl named MARY Who was NOT contrary As...
Post By My Rain Buddy, Gabrielle Rhind, whom i simply call "GAB In the 'Mornin" for she gives us all a shot in the arm as soon as we log onto Active Rain!!  Thank you my ELECTRIFYING friend!!    Buyers want to know, "How much down and how much a month?" Sellers want to know, "Can you get me what ...
Now, my mother made everything from scratch while we were growing up, but i honestly had NO interest in cooking.....  just eating!  My older sister paid attention while i flunked cooking and sewing!  I have no shame, for later on, my skills in the kitchen improved greatly, but some foods were nev...
Have you ever done something that was STOOPID?  Not stupid.... STOOPID!!  Stoopid is a dumb thing you did but didn't know it was dumb until you looked back.  When you did, all you wanted to do was to hide, and stoop as to not bring attention to onlookers that YOU were the one who did it!  Did you...
This is a sentimental mushy post, so for those who have had enough of me raving about "My Husbo"... don't read another word.... Exactly 16 years ago today, a very shy, tall skinny man came into the book store where i worked, and just stood there looking awkward. What's HIS problem, i thought? Of ...
In Illinois and parts of Indiana, there are currently 425 ACTIVE listed homes on the Multiple Listing Service for $30,000.00 and under!  (There are 1196 in the $30K to $70K range) These all have 3+ bedrooms and are ideal for first-time or seasoned investors seeking to develop their single-family-...
Dr. Stacey-Ann Baugh from Upper Marlboro, Maryland, who enjoys educating her clients, has written this post to prepare first-time home buyers on what to expect. Thank you Dr. Baugh, I believe this will be most helpful to first-timers from all over the globe! If you or someone you know is seeking...

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