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LIVE WIRE NETWORKING GROUP Announces the following meeting: THURSDAY DECEMBER 6, 2007 - Noon to 1 PM - Special Guest: Paul Savery will be present for today's meeting to discuss the benefits of the 1031 Exchange. Thinking about selling your investment property but concerned about high capital gain...
(almost) Everyone knows that Rhode Island is the smallest state in the nation, right? That may be a given.... but do you know the Rhode Island State Bird? The State Drink? The State Flower? "The Family Guy" cartoon may help some of you, but here are a few well known and hardly known facts about "...
Looking for a great way to spice up your marketing efforts? If your answer is yes, make sure you have been including Promotional Items as part of your strategy! Promotional Items offer the benefits of name recognition and branding while providing a constant reminder to your clients with an item ...
As service providers in the 21st Century, we're always looking for a way to maximize our web presence. This lesson in web marketing comes from a source least expected. My girlfriend started her own handmade stationery (printed on recycled paper of course!) business ( Things Are Better With A Par...
Looking for a company to handle all of your Human Resource and Payroll Needs? Look no further. Call Kerri Salvatore at PAYCHEX today! Kerri A. Salvatore PAYCHEX ksalvatore@paychex.com Phone – 401.435.3399, ext. 25741 What can PAYCHEX do for you? Take a look at just a sample of services provided ...
I just wanted to recommend a great service to the local professionals here in Rhode Island. If you are looking for a serious professional (with an MBA) to develop materials, design, market, develop and promote your business, look no further. All of these services are provided at a low cost to yo...
Every prospective home-buyer needs a good home inspection. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Unfortunately, there are too many Sellers out there that are willing to try to cover up a defect at a property in order to get the best price on their sale. Now, don't label me a Negative Nancy ...
WEBSITE: www.wemeanbusinessri.com WHERE: Kirkbrae Country Club, 197 Old River Road, Lincoln, RI 02865 WHEN: Today, Monday, November 5 - Noon - 7 PM WHAT: What does your business need today to be successful? For the first time ever, federal, state and local government agencies will come together ...
NOTICE: To the Residents of the North End of Providence, Rhode Island. WHERE: Charles Street Community Center 663 Charles Street (the old Ricci Building), Providence, Rhode Island, 02904 WHEN: Monday, November 5, 2007 @ 6:30 PM WHO:The North End Community Action Committee VIEW WEBSITE The residen...
LIVE WIRE NETWORKING GROUP Announces the following meetings... THURSDAY NOVEMBER 1, 2007 - Noon to 1 PM - Regular Meeting - Come meet with Live Wire for lunch at Lemongrass. Exchange business cards and referrals over a delicious chinese meal. THURSDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2007 - Noon to 1 PM - Expansion ...

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