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I've always been a maple syrup guy.  I have always LOVED REAL maple syrup.  So it did suprise me when my wife bought some syrup a couple years ago that wasn't maple and I actually LIKED it.    The syrup that my wife bought was the HungryJack syrup in a microwave bottle.  It poured well, it had a...
Saturday, April 10 from 9am to 5pm,  the Katy ISD Outdoor Learning Center (west of the Katy ISD Administration Building at 6301 South Stadium Lane, Katy, TX. 77494) will be hosting the 25th annual Folk Life Festival. Great family fun all day with admission being $1 per person! List of events: De...
The very mention of a home listing being a SHORT SALE is enough to send many real estate agents running away screaming.  Many agents advise their buyers to NOT buy a short sale listing or sometimes they say they will not even work with someone if they insist on offering on a short sale.  First, ...
    Call us now if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the West Houston, Katy and Cypress area! We are the Katy and Cypress area specialists! Call the team with any questions: 281-935-7152 or our Toll Free information line (anytime): Call (877)472-5390 and use the code to hear about the top...
I work a lot of expired listings.  These are listings that an agent listed in the MLS for a certain period of time and their contractual agreement with the owner expired.  So now the homeowner is innundated with agent information and calls, from agents like myself who want an opportunity to appl...
I talk to a lot of people in my business.  It pretty much goes with the job description. I certainly wouldn't say that "I've seen it all",  nor do I hope that I HAVE seen it all because life would be pretty boring, wouldn't it?  But I would say that overall there are about 5 top reasons why some...
There will always be someone looking to exploit a system or take advantage...this is especially true if something is FREE! Seems that CRAIGSLIST has been the target of these would be thieves this time and the scam goes a little something like this: Brad goes onto CRAIGSLIST to find a home to rent...
erelocationprofessionals.com called me a little while ago and said that I REQUESTED some information about their program.  The key word there is that I requested the information. So I asked the lady on the phone,  "when did I request the information?"  Her answer was that I requested the informat...
The biggest single marketing day in America comes down to this game at 5:30 this afternoon! You have the Colts on one side...experience, the face of the NFL quarterback, the speed kills defense  and on the other side you have the quarterback that no one thought could do it, the guy the Texans COU...
During the last two weeks or so, I have spent an extensive amount of time working with home buyers who are moving to our area from other areas of the country.  It's a little different than working with buyers who are already here locally.  Often, the time frame for showing these buyers is very t...

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