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Scott has owned and operated a full service home inspection company since 1995. Serving a 100 mile radius of Nashville, Tennessee.
It appears that the Chinese drywall problem might now be a domestic problem as well. The following link is to a new article with claims about Synthetic Gypsum Drywall market by Georgia Pacific as GP Tough Rock. This product is made in the United States and Canada. It was sold through 84 Lumber an...
I know that just about everyone has seen those roof mounted satellite dishes for Direct TV.  Have you ever wondered why they put them on the roof?  Would you belive that is the easyest way to mount one!  It is also 100% incorrect.  Every single roofing manufacturer states that their products are ...
If you have not heard we have a very important legislative bill in the works.  HB 1576/SB1509, which would establish a one-year statute of limitations of liability for actions to recover damaged based on a home inspection!  A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday March 31, 2009 at House Hearing Room #...
This is the history of the GFCI in homes.  It does not mean that GFCI protected outlets are not needed if a home was built before the effective date.  You can not grandfather safety! 1971 Receptacles within 15 feet of pool walls1971 All equipment used with storable swimming pools1973 All outdoor ...
A Home Inspection Tour {Through the eyes of a Home Inspector} This is a little on the long side but well worth the read! The sight of an inspector going around a home inspires different feelings and emotions in different people. Sellers experience a sense of nervousness, perhaps, about what the i...
I had an inspection today on a vacant home.  Ya, I know that vacant homes are the norm in many areas of the country.  But this was just not a normal home. What was so strange about this home was that the floors were covered in dead Lady Bugs!  The Realtor told me that he was in the home last week...
I have been asked a couple of time what are the "Red Flags" that trigger an insurance company to look at a home with the intent of dropping or not ever covering a home, or a mortgage not being issued.  This can be a serious problem when a person is trying to buy a home, or they have already bough...
I saw a report today on Fox news about homes being sold because they have renters in them..  You heard right!  Renters are helping homes to sell.  Now let me clarify this a little before we go on. I have been inspecting homes for about 15 years and I can not recall the last time I saw a home with...
Sounds kind of funny, but getting a divorce is one of the largest reasons to have an impartial home inspection done on the home.  I have worked with many couples over the past ten+ years who are getting divorced and I must admit that I feel that the home inspection of the property has helped in t...
Have you checked your home inspector’s license lately? Now why would you want to check the license of an inspector that you have used for years? Well, with the downturn in home sales many inspectors are no longer active and have changed professions or just stopped doing home inspections. Yesterda...

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