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Say hello to another year of uncertainty. That’s the common sense prescription for real estate investing in 2011, and anyone who says things are just peachy is trying to sell you something. With high unemployment rates, tighter financing rules, and over speculation in the market, we can’t really ...
We have all had the experience of throwing a stone in a pond and watching the waves ripple across the surface in ever expanding, concentric circles. Just as a ripple hits the shoreline, your reputation for the quality and quantity of service you render, precedes you in your marketplace. Whether y...
Costa Rica is fast becoming the retirement destination of choice among Baby Boomers and retiring Americans, reports Costa Rica real estate and land expert David Cantrell. With Costa Rica land and homes for sale priced cheaper than commensurate properties in the U.S. and with the country already w...
The John Hancock Tower, a 62-story glass skyscraper in Boston’s Back Bay, was one of the first real estate trophies to run into trouble when the speculative property boom abruptly ended two years ago. With the market in free fall, Normandy Real Estate Partners and Five Mile Capital Partners bough...
Principal Real Estate Investors expects the Republican gains in Congress, stabilizing commercial real estate values, stronger corporate earnings, higher personal savings rates and the dynamics related to quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve will fuel economic growth in 2011. The institution...
It's the end of the year, and while holiday baking may be top of mind, that niggling little task of getting the year-end tax tasks done is still there, bothering you over the scent of the fruitcake in the oven. The following tips will give you some specifics so you can take care of taxes, and the...
For many it's time to plan for their tax bill in the new year. While some are going to owe and others are going to get refunds, either way you might need some advice. David Jewell is a tax manager for a local firm and tells Newschannel that his clients' anxiety is just beginning. Read More: http:...
As people grasp for signs of an economic recovery, a multi-million dollar beachfront property sale in Port Royal has people wondering if the local real estate market is regaining its heartbeat. The short answer: Yes. “There is definitely a confidence in the air,” says Brenda Fioretti, president o...
Australia experienced one of the strongest housing markets in the world during 2010, new research shows. But likely interest rate hikes will slow the market in 2011, the Global Real Estate Trends report predicts. Read More:
What a difference a year can make in the world of commercial real-estate deals. This year began with the one of the biggest real-estate disasters of the downturn: the collapse of the $5.4 billion investment in the Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town apartment complex in Manhattan by a group ...

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