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My blog is about discovering Mason County in Washington State. I cover a variety of topics and statistical information about the communities of Belfair, Allyn and the saltwater properties along Hood Canal and the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsula. Discover recreational activities, from sailing, fishing, hiking ,kayaking,Golf at LakeLand Village.
It is Market Statistics blog day for me. Reporting to anyone interested on how we are doing in Mason County Washington. This is the last sales market report for the year "2008". You can be the judge on how were doing. Mason County Real Estate Sales Data for December 16 through December 31 2008 ha...
If you are one those friendly AR people who have read any my posts, you might have noticed that I primarily write about what it is like to live in Mason County Washington. This is the County and State where I work, play and make my home. Mason County in the State of Washington is bordered to the...
OK, I am still having fun with the Presidential theme. I thought that I would include two links to quizzes about the First ladies and their Husbands- The Presidents. It can be fun to see just how much you really do know and even more fun to stump a few people around the water cooler tomorrow. Ple...
Okay, so on with my Presidential theme. I have discovered 20 things- very interesting things...that you probably did not know about our past Presidents. One of the more intriguing is that James Garfield was not only ambidextrous, but he was able to write Greek in his left hand and Latin in his ri...
Tomorrow is a historic day for our country. No matter who you voted for we will all have a new President. Please check out a few of the funny or not so funny stories from the Past Presidential Inaugurations. From dead pigeons dropping along the parade route, to sneaking out the back door of your ...
Ever wonder what to do an a bright sunny Saturday? Consider a trip up to Mt. Rainier. It is about a hour or so drive from my hometown - Allyn, Washington. It can be a great little Stay-cation. I provided a link to the National parks sight. With so much to see and do you are bound to find somethi...
I could not believe the label when I saw this blue ice cream in the store. It was bizarre! So I had to buy some. It was great once you got past the bright blue and with every bite- I found myself searching for the elusive cookie bits. Kind of like seeing the cup half full. You know that good stuf...
Experiencing the Northwest is a quest unlike any other. Purple Majestic Mountains surrounded by trails for hiking enthusiasts of all levels, to the deep cool waters of Hood Canal known by scuba divers as some of the best waters to dive in the World. There is a lot to do around here. Of course th...
 I work with some great lenders, and I do not think any of their specific lending practices lead to the current financial issues we are all dealing with. I do think that some lenders were just after a quick buck. But the solution to the problem is not to figure out the best person to blame- that ...
This was a serene summer evening in Allyn, Washington.The calm waters are perfect for evening sail or just loosing your thoughts as the inky blue just carries them away on gentle rippling circles. The fireworks on the 4th of July are mezmerising from this spot. Each side of the bay seems to be i...

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The Allyn and Belfair Washington Real Estate Guide-Blog. Discover Hot Local topics about lifestlye in Mason County Washington. Richard loves to share with fellow real estate professionals and consumers the attraction of Hood Canal, South Puget Sound and the wide variety of recreational activities on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsula’s in the Pacific Northwest State of Washington.

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