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What a fitting picture for Throw Back Thursday! I remember this photo well.  This was a great Christmas in Houston. Just look at that tree! How many of you had one of those? Left to right my little brother Jack, sister Sandra, me in that hideous hair style and my baby sister Rebecca-Ann.  My brot...
Home for the Holidays Season 2 Contest I love Christmas and especially Christmas music. I do love all the brightly decorated homes and all the activities that come along this time of year.     I started out by taking my picture with Santa at Houston's Nut Cracker yearly event.                    ...
I am hoping all my Active Rain brothers and sisters have a wonderful Christmas. Be sure to enjoy all the food you are preparing and all the company you are with tonight and tomorrow. Be sure to hug and kiss your parents if you are fortunate enough to still have them in your lives. Take lots of ph...
The Home of Easy Credit ! Apparently getting credit is easy in old down town Houston.  I had to laugh out loud when I saw this sign on an old building in down town on my last photo jaunt. All I could think about was how all my mortgage friends here on Active Rain would grin when they saw this pic...
My Best Advise for Newbies - An October Challenge I have tried my hand at selling many different products over the years. Many of my representatives were wonderful helpful people who were great at motivational marketing. One of the things always relayed to me was to make a list of everyone I knew...
 Flood Insurance and You If you live in a high-risk flood zone and you have a home mortgage then your mortgage lender will require you to have flood insurance. If your home is located in a non-high-risk flood area then you can chose to have flood insurance if you wish. The 1000-year flooding even...
OKTOBERFEST - Comes to Alvin Once again Oktoberfest will be held at Alvin Lutheran Church located at FM 1462. This fun day will be held this Saturday, October3, 2015.  I personally really enjoy all the food and craft booths and will make sure I spend a little at each one! I hope I see each of you...
The Walking Dead Trio - On Throw Back Thursday I am excited to see what my grand-daughter will think of for costumes for her children.  Last year, at the last minute they became the walking dead. I thought it was really cute. They were a hit everywhere they went. We had so much fun. This year the...
The Really Scary Thing About Halloween The holiday season is once again upon us and you still are leasing the home that you live in. Call Sussie Sutton, your REALTOR® at 713-822-1655. Set up an appointment to discuss your next step to purchasing your own home. Stop wasting your money and purchase...
 Gardening with the Frobers in Alvin Texas Frobergs, Alvin's local farm and the City of Alvin Parks and Recreation Department are having a Fall Planting Day & Raised Bed Gardening event.  This free City of Alvin Community event will be held at 204 S. Durant and start at 11:00 a.m. Afterward, ther...

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