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Random postings, about my family (does anyone care?), about my community (of course you care!), my philosophies of life (it's Ann Arbor, everyone cares...), and cats (don't care if you care), and my passions, real estate and design. I hope not to offend. Enjoy!
This past weekend was brutal on my body.  When my Sunday open house ended (preceded at noon by snow flurries in April in Ann Arbor, Michigan) and I was headed home, I knew I was tired.  I didn't realize how tired I was until I felt myself literally falling asleep mid-typing, following up on some ...
The other day I heard a pretty chilling story from an owner of income property and it is forcing him to rethink his entire strategy of income property as a way to accumulate wealth.  He has lost, not earned, a lot of money.He had rented one of his income properties to an individual.  That person ...
It all started at the wedding of clients of mine a few weeks ago.  I was delighted to be invited since I knew it was to be a small affair, spur of the moment despite the engagement, because of a job change.  They had planned an exotic wedding in Hawaii to mark the event but that was not to be.  T...
Time for another tale from the dark side.My intrepid buyers have been faithfully bidding on property for nearly a year now, coming up against the infamous, "highest and best" bidding process in numerous offers.  Well, recently they won, "won" being a relative term.  I have to question the bank's ...
The Coca Cola Company put out one of their most famous advertising campaigns when they switched from, "Things go better with Coke" to, "It's the real thing."  Who would have thought that would be better?  It was all about the song, its message and how we were feeling at the time - January 17,1981...
REALTOR;  Heck of a day yesterday, heck of a day today.  Deals coming together, deals falling apart, deals on hold.  Seminars, meetings, eat, sleep, you get the drill.SISTER/AUNT:  Everything was PROMISED to be OK just 2 days ago.  My brother and his wife had a baby on March 10th; they had known ...
Last Tuesday at our sales meeting, our team leader surveyed the room and in typical fashion asked if anyone had any success stories.  A few hands went up and stories were relayed.  We murmured our congratulations and then I raised my hand to report that I had written five buyer deals in the previ...
Today is St. Patrick's Day.  Given that my father had nothing but Irish blood in him, despite being a few generations deep here in the United States, St. Patrick's Day was a celebratory time.  Always a singer, his Irish songs started creeping in and repeating probably right after Valentine's Day....
I changed my laptop background today.  Actually, I am so low-tech that I had my 15-year-old daughter come and help me do it.  Someone told me yesterday that if I am blogging, I am not low-tech.  Heck, blogging is just talking, and those who know me well know I can do that really, really well.  (F...
Today was inspection day for a condo I am selling to an out-of-state investor.  No catastrophes noted, just needs paint and carpet, all new doors and lighting, kitchen updates, two new bathrooms, and maybe a new heating unit - but we knew that going in and the offer price reflected it.  Somehow I...

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