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LOOKING TO INCREASE YOUR HOME'S VALUE?Lets look at your home's roof for a minute. There are a good deal of these that can be improved. I get letters from people all the time who ask me questions about this and that. Without any further ado lets get right into it shall we?QUESTION:Can A Metal Roof...
Are you sure the web traffic that is coming to your site legit?I have found a lot of ready made sites have a mini back office that shows you who is coming in etc. But a lot of the times these numbers are just thrown on there and are not clickable and does not show you where the traffic is coming ...
THE NEW YORK TIMES - ran an article this morning about the mortgage assistance program. A lot of these checks are bouncing which is terrible news. You can read about it in todays edition online right here....
There will be 6 winners in this years $30,000 dollar giveaway from Lansing, based JR Neely. This full service window installation company is offering the best of the best in its wide collection of bay windows, bow windows, metal roofing, gutters and doors.... The contest has spread down to Grand ...
HOUSING BOOM IN LANSINGThats what the man said. I saw it in the paper about a month and a half ago. But a funny thing happened the following week after the Lansing Journal published that article. People were still leaving Michigan in a big hurry and the houses were still not selling. In fact, one...
ITS TAX TIME -- its also WEDDING PLANNING TIME... Face it -- its time for a lot of things. Some of us out there have leaky roofs, some of us are going to have flooded basements. Some of us are going to have a bear of a time paying our property taxes.Ronnies Jewelers and Loans are based in Waterfo...
The headlines said it clear and simple last Sunday. I was up in Mt. Pleasant at the Soaring Eagle Resort hiding away from the winter blahs and I stumbled across something intersting in the paper. It read -- "Lansing Housing Boom" -- as I dug into the story a little deeper there were many economis...
WHAT A WEEK!  It isn't even over yet and things have been moving so very fast. As I sit down and write this Hurricane Sandy is to have said to have created 50 Billion dollars in damage to New York and New Jersey. The East Coast as we know it has been battered and smashed to bits. This is going to...
11/07/2012 Al Havner and Sons is a 4th generation hard wood floor company that creates STUNNING looks and award winning flooring. Now for a limited time when you get your hard wood floor installed or refinished you can get one of the following -- * A FREE HD Flat Screen...

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