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A sheet in your pocket repels bees. Lay a sheet near ants and it chases them away. Spread sheets around foundations to repel mice. Put a sheet in your belt loop to repel mosquitos. Place a sheet on top or inside old books and photo albums to take away musty odor. Use sheets to wipe TV screen, mon...
1. It is 75 degrees and sunny today with flowers blooming and golf courses open 2. Prices are lower than most places in California 3. Over 10% of the nations' wealth is here during the winter 4. There is alot to do year round outdoors - hiking, biking, golf, swimming 5. There is great shopping 6....
Have you made your resolutions for 2014? How much money will you make in 2014? How much will you save? What will you do to improve your health? What will you do to help other people? What will you do to improve the environment? What will you do for fun? Where will you go on vacation? What special...
Over the years I have done a lot  of transactions. Many people have their own lender and alot of times, it goes well. Many other times, it is a nightmare, especially if the lender is an out of area lender. I recommend 3 lenders in my area that are familiar with this area and the homeowner's assoc...
Merry Christmas to all of you fellow active rainers. Here in La Quinta, California, I am still in the office, but the streets are quiet and calm. It seems everyone has already started their holiday. We are tidying odds and ends and then off too. I was so glad I came in. As usual, I got a deperate...
Oh no! I woke up this morning and I am sick. I have  non- stock sneezing, achy, coughing, tired, crabby. Well, I am suited up to show up for a home inspection, appraisal, and meeting with attorney. Then I will finish some work on my files and get home in my pj's by  the fire with some soup. I had...
These figures are taken from the National Association of Realtors 31% of homeowners own their home free and clear of any loans 68% of senior citizens own their home free and clear 32% of senior citizens will pay off their home in 6 years or less 15% of senior citizens plan to move in the next 3 y...
Last evening I got a call from a very nice agents who refers me clients a few times a year. He had a referral for me. We talked about the clients, their time schedule, what they were looking for, etc. I got their phone number and was to call them in a few hours. 5 minutes later he called and said...
This is a great time of the year to buy a house. Not many people are out looking for a house with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. You have less competition on your offer. The homes look really nice decorated for the holidays. Most real estate agents have some extra time to show you h...
This is the time of year to say think you to all of the people who help us with out business through the year. Don't forget to send holiday greetings and gifts to these and others too: gate people escrow officers title officers appraisers brokers and agents painters gardeners cleaning people home...

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