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One of the unusual situations that sometimes crops up in real estate is one where the buyer purchases a house without ever seeing it. This may sound nuts—but there are circumstances (more than you’d think) where it can be the only practical solution. Wholesalers and house-flippers, for instance, ...
Part of the recovery in Evansville’s real estate scene is the increasing likelihood of multiple offers on a listed property. This is every seller’s dream— but if you are one of the bidders, it’s important that you don’t allow it to become your nightmare. There is one way— the only sure way—to kee...
Market Watch January 2014 Before we talk about 2014, I think this is an excellent time to compare the real estate market in 2013 to the previous year.  My ulterior motive is that from virtually any perspective 2013 was a great year! Unit sales in our market increased just over 10% from 2012 to 20...
It can take years for first-time buyers to save up for their first home’s down payment, but even after that hurdle has been cleared, it can take even more time to secure a mortgage -- if they have neglected the other part of the equation. Their credit rating. Before first-time buyers in Evansvill...
For most of us, the appeal of new construction—a brand new home which your family is first to own—is undeniable. The idea of being able to select your own floor plan with a layout you like and upgrades built to order is hard to beat. But home shoppers looking for new construction in Evansville sh...
The signs are positive for those who will be putting their home on the market this winter. Demand is there, mortgage rates are still low, and across the nation, prices are pointing higher. If you will be selling a home in Evansville anytime soon, there are some extra steps you can take to strengt...
If there is one question that homeowners and prospective shoppers have in common as we enter the New Year, it’s about the direction of local real estate values in 2014. Small wonder: the financial market meltdown of the last decade had such a profound impact on all forms of real estate that it st...
You’re nearing your goal of buying a home in Evansville! You have zeroed in on a property, submitted your offer, and heeded your agent’s advice and ordered a home inspection.   Soooo…what if the inspector finds major issues nobody expected? While most home inspections only uncover small problems ...
This year, the first early signs of Christmas season didn’t seem to arrive too early, maybe because it rushed in so soon after Thanksgiving (which somehow also landed smack dab at the start of Hanukkah). Still, by now the familiar Christmas carols have been playing long enough that it’s hard to b...
Imagine that you have just moved into your new property, and suddenly you are up against some serious flaw you knew nothing about. Added on top of the normal moving turmoil: now there’s this! You didn’t have a chance to fix things up before you moved in because you were totally in the dark concer...

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