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Inappropriate Closet Lighting   This comes up quite a bit, especially in dwellings built before 2003.  Any time I see an open fixture in a closet, I call it out for replacement.   An open fixture in a closet can be a fire hazard. Incandescent bulbs produce more heat than light.  Often, we'll see ...
What's a catch basin?   Sometimes you'll see a manhole cover on the property.  It's often in the back yard, but sometimes they're off to the side, under a porch, or even in front.  What is that thing? We see all sorts of things when we lift the cover.  Every once in a while, it's a vault that's h...
"Nobody ever does anything about that."   These words came from one of my favorite agents.   He's a friendly guy, hard worker, aggressive negotiator.  Very smart.  The kind of agent I'd choose if I were in the market. At a recent inspection, my client asked me what the seller was going to "have t...
There's a soft spot in my heart for the do-it-yourselfer.  I feel a kinship to the women and men who aren't afraid to pick up a circular saw, a brazing torch, or a narrow-crown stapler and just go to town.  I'm enamored of the projects that show up in ReadyMade, Instructables, and countless onlin...
  What does downspout length have to do with a dry basement?   "Downspout extensions too short," says the report. "Should extend six feet from building.  Have corrected by licensed contractor as needed."   Why on earth would a home inspector care about something like that?   The reason is simple....
Poison Prevention Week You may have missed it, but March 17 to 23 was National Poison Prevention Week.  This is the longest-running public health campaign in the United States, launched over fifty years ago in response to the tragedy of child poisonings. Every year, over 90,000 children are seen ...
One of the things that I check on the exterior inspection of masonry structures is the lintels.  They're the part of the structure that keeps the brick from falling into the space created by the windows and doors. Lintels are usually made of steel, though they can also be stone, concrete, or wood...
  I ♥ CPSC   That's right, I'm in love with acronym.  The CPSC is the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and they're a fantastic resource for anyone concerned about safety. The CPSC website is a compendium of informative articles on safety issues.  Here are just a few... you can bookmark them fo...
Notes from a Chicago Home Inspector - Cash Incentives for Energy Efficiency   As a home inspector, there's always something to talk about, whether we're discussing the secrets of old-time craftsmanship, new energy efficiency innovations, or the more meat-and-potatoes topics like plumbing, roofing...
Yesterday, I wrote about galvanized steel piping.  I want to talk a little bit today about what happens when you replace some of old galvanized pipe with new copper, while leaving some of the old galvanized in place. It's important to know some basic chemistry here.  Different metals have differe...

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