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I share things that most of us may already know. But, couple that together with humor and the right point of view, the blog reads fast and shows both my professionalism and my character. I think you'll see me as a great fit for you and your next real estate move.
Home Listing Syndication is part of a new buzz jargon that a lot of soon-to-be home-sellers in Newark should have in their home selling marketing plan. A Syndication is defined by Dictionary.com--a group of individuals or organizations combined or making a joint effort to undertake some specific ...
If you have found a short sale in Fremont and are getting discouraged at the pace of things, find out if the home you are buying has a B of A loan on it. If it does, you are in luck, well sort of. I know there have been horror stories about B of A. My father-in-law who also is a broker has a few ...
We were given the MOD (Multiple Offer Disclosure) from on of the major banks today. We offered a fair amount for a property for sale in Fremont, and got the MOD in return. It is the bank's way of flushing out any possible chance for a bidding war to get it's last word or dollar in. The notice onl...
It's a Fremont short sale actually. My point however is to remind home buyers in Fremont that your short sale deal needs to be well-cared for while it is in the bank's "system." Many brokers and agents feel a bit indifferent about referring to the bank's process of handling a short sale anything ...
Own An REO Property In 2 WeeksView more presentations from Jeff PereydaThe slide cast above has sound. You just have to hit the small green play button at the bottom of the chalkboard. If you are in the market to purchase a home at a reduced price, then you have a real good chance at getting one ...
In a recent blog post, I wrote about a Proposition 60, 90 and 110 client of ours that was denied the claim to transfer their tax to the replacement home. In short, the replacement home was too expensive for the transfer. The tax assessor will only allow a certain increase in the replacement prope...
A client visited with me in my office in Fremont last night. He makes a good income and is capable of buying a home in the Mission San Jose Area of Fremont, which more most is no easy task. As we talked further, he disclosed that he recently got out of a short sale. It closed escrow in August. If...
Once a homeowner decides it is time to sell their house, They'll need to do a few things. First, owners should psychologically become sellers in their actions and in their frame of mind. After this transition, what follows next is that they should find homes that are comparable to theirs. It's us...
For the most part, if you are 55 and over, you can have your existing property tax payments carry over to your replacement property. This is mostly for replacing a Alameda County property in Alameda County and a Contra Costa County property in Contra Costa County. The two counties here also coope...
Some Fremont home buyers find me on the Internet. Recently, so did Agnus. She is a senior real estate home buyer who wants a home in Fremont. I met her briefly and had gone over the procedures (in detail) as to where we would meet on Saturday to look at homes for sale in Fremont. We were to meet ...

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