What does it take to be a great agent?

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My choice has always been to fulfill the dreamsn of my client's first and then all would be good with any commission I receive. My clients call me because they now consider me their friend and they know I respect they needs and wishes. If I don't agree, I tell them so but I respect their wishes and fullfil their request as best I can.
            Real Estate with Personality                   Charles County Maryland Real Estate Market Conditionfor Week Ending December 21, 2007 Charles County is a developing community just north of Saint Marys County, Maryland;  and south of Prince Georges County, Maryland.  My name is Vangie W...
            Real Estate with Personality                   King George County Virginia Real Estate Market Conditionfor Week Ending December 21, 2007 King George County is a small community just east of Fredericksburg, VA; west of Westmoreland County, north of Caroline County and south of Charles ...
Really, I stay up till three in the morning - goal setting on what I am going to do next year.  This year I met my goals with flying colors.  I have six little girls, I home-school four of my older girls, I sold $20M this year so far, and I currently have 29 listings with 4 of those under contrac...
Customer asked me this question.  I have no idea.  I know I am ranked #1 in Exit Realty Virginia but not Exit Wide.  I may be 1000th in the state total.  But after my clients inquiry I am curious, how so many Realtors out on their advertisements - #1 Top Producing Agent in Virginia blah blah blah...
I have a laptop computer with a built in mouse pad.  Sooo.How come the mouse pad work only with my finger or toes or nose but not my pencil, eraser, papertowel etc.  Please its really bugging me.  BTW did you know that its the opposite on the Nintendo DS.Wierd huh?  Well, the answer. 
Well as some of you know, the MEGAMillions prize is up to $168M. I have a very simple yet complex question for you.Would you pay down or off your client's homes? And if you do pay off their homes, would you let them have it free and clear or would you put the house in your name and grant them a l...
So here we all are, just a blogging away and then it dawned on me that I keep associating with agents that I find interesting and further more that I would consider referring clients to.  What happens? Nothing.  What is the point? Are you just here for the points or are you here to network.  Let'...
Just a quick tip for you phone savvy Realtors. Ready...Scan or E-fax your listing disclosures, plats and pertinent docs to yourself.  Then save to your personal computer under the property address name and ready for this....Email them to yourself as a combination of all docs or separate packages ...
You know some of us Realtors need a lesson on how to smile with everyone.  We all expect that customer service oriented persons to smile and be pleasant.  But some agents I have speoken to, how turned me and my clients off from even showing or even in some instances buying the property. Last nigh...
Have you ever used a professional writer for your advertisements, blogs, or articles>  I am considering hiring a professional to develop an ad campaign for me.  Not to conrner the market but to get a fresh start with a new year.Like my motto are "Real Estate with Personality" and "Your Realtor - ...

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What does it take to be a great agent? If you have a choice between earning a high commission or helping a family fulfill their dreams, which would you choose -- line your wallet or make your heart happy?