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  While our housing market is moving in the right direction, we still have a little way to go before we see noticeable improvement in home values. That being said, homeowners need to be proactive if they find themselves in a position where they can no longer afford their home and don't have the e...
  I get that the GSEs need to have policies in place to handle bad loans. If a borrower stops paying their mortgage, abandons the home and does not cooperate with their lender, then foreclosure is the best option. But how about adding a little rationale to handling those loans where the borrower ...
Question: Why does it take so long to get a decision on my short sale offer? Answer: A loaded question, to say the least.  Response times can vary depending on institution, mortgage holder/investor, mortgage insurance company and the actual representative handling the file.  Assuming the real est...
Unfortunately, property depreciation is still occurring in a lot of markets. We are seeing more and more people pursuing a short sale in order to sell their homes.  More specifically, we are seeing a growing number of those having to explore a short sale because they are relocating for employment...
This article serves as an indication that mortgage holders are slowly, but surely coming around to realize that short sales are a better solution than foreclosures when it comes to mitigating loss and reducing their exposure of non-performing loans.  Many of the national loan servicers have becom...
Several of the larger national lenders are using a similar model for mainly their "bank owned" portfolio. We had one client who left the short sale closing with a check for $10,000. It's definitely a great incentive for people to pursue a short sale. However, it applies to a relatively small perc...
To successfully close short sales with first time home buyers, it's crucially important to correctly set their expectations and educate them on the process before an offer is made.   Short Sale Delays Drive First-Time Buyers From Market: Survey 09/26/2011 By: Carrie Bay,   Processing d...
My instinct says that this would have a positive impact on the short sale process across the board, especially with servicers that have more ambiguous and/or difficult short sale procedures.  I think if the incentives are strong enough for servicers to find foreclosure alternatives, you'll start ...
A short sale is a great option for homeowners that need to sell their homes, but unfortunately owe more on the home than they can sell it for. Even those who ARE NOT delinquent on their mortgage can possibly qualify for a short sale. More Than One-Fifth of Mortgages Underwater: Report 09/13/2011 ...
To us, this means 19% more people being helped to avoid a foreclosure and get out from under a very tough financial situation. Pre-Foreclosure Short Sales Jump 19% in Second Quarter 08/24/2011 By: Carrie Bay,   Short sales shot up 19 percent between the first and second quarters, with ...

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