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Watch this episode with our Host Steve Matley discusses structural issues in homes with Jacquie Willhoite (Real Estate Agent/Engineer - Exp Realty), Laleh Hanks (CEO/Broker/Loan Officer - America Choice Mortgage & Benefits), Kimberly Whitfield (Founding Partner - Clean Energy Independence Warrior...
Watch our 4th episode for Finest Women in Real Estate with our host Lyndell Werling along with Pauline Woelky, Teresa Vo and Kimberly Sievert from New School of Architecture and Designs. You can see all the episodes on EANTV in Roku and Amazon Fire TV 24/7 On Demand.  See Episode 4
I am so grateful for all these men for their support and time in making this TV Talk show a reality. They took a chance and understood the greatness of this project. They saw my vision and didn't doubt my ability to deliver. I truly am blessed by these people. I will take them all to the highest ...
We are so excited about the Finest Women in Real Estate Magazine featuring Teresa Vo who is a Real Estate Broker in San Diego. This magazine will not only highlight our Featured agent but you will also learn so many things on business, marketing, and related topics. If you are interested in submi...
President Stephen Matley is launching a National TV Talk Show called "Building Solid Foundations" on March 2019 where the Building Industry professionals will be interviewed along with successful business leaders who will inspire and educate people with their stories and success.   Topics: Const...
So proud of Dr. Stephen Kalaluhi in bringing people together and making things happen for The Business Doctor TV. He is truly an amazing Business Leader and definitely one to be connected with and be Fire'd Up with your business. His business platform will lead you to the next level. Don't miss t...
Who would think that I would be able to produce several TV Talk shows?  Here we are... another TV Talk show and this time, its the Real Men of Real Estate... After producing the Finest Women in Real Estate last August... I was already thinking about the amazing men in the Real Estate industry.  I...
Another episode was released last night in Roku and Amazon Fire TV with EANTV (Edge of America Network).  Rick Amato who is a National TV Host for many years and was known for political TV Talk shows, hosted this episode and joined by the Finest Women in Real Estate from San Diego and Washington ...
My son Garrett Waite... Love him so much! He turned 18 last few days and he is getting many offers for college scholarship. So proud of him...  Garrett started high school as one of the smallest kids in football (probably the only Filipino kid)...he worked hard to get where he is now physically a...
If you are serious about bringing more success into your business, this is a workshop that you will be so rewarded. Jim McLaughlin has an amazing talent to help you in seeing the unknown of your business operation. I will help you see how you can make a great unique positioning within your own in...

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