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Exeter 1031 Exchange Services, LLC, Exeter Reverse 1031 Exchange Services, LLC and Exeter IRA Services, LLC are dedicated to educating and informing real estate investors on the benefits of 1031 Exchanges, 1033 Exchanges, Self-Directed IRAs and Title Holding Trusts so they can make better informed investment decisions. (619) 239-3091.
Go to Webinar Registration is RequiredClick here to register for this Public Insurance Adjuster Webinar. You have sustained a loss on your real estate or personal property. Perhaps it was due to a fire, hurricane, flood, snow storm or maybe a mud slide or other natural disaster or catastrophic ev...
What Is The Center For Wealth & Legacy Studies? I have had a number of emails asking what this organization was all about, and I realized that I should probably introduce The Center for Wealth & Legacy Studies to the ACTIVE RAIN community.  The Center for Wealth & Legacy Studies is committed to h...
It's that time of year again when I receive and answer many tax questions related to the reporting and tax treatment of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges, or this year the "lack" of 1031 Exchanges in many cases, on taxpayers income tax returns. The Tax Man Cometh and Taketh This year there are many mor...
There is one common complaint heard again and again in today's challenging real estate market, especially when competing in the real estate industry today as a closely held small business.  What is the complaint?  It is lack of financing, lack of equity capital.  It seems to be the one single iss...
The Center for Wealth & Legacy Studies is committed to helping successful business owners, especially those working or involved within the real estate profession or community, as well as their families 'pass forward' their financial success (wealth) along with their core family values, virtues, e...
I had to share this letter to the President with you.  It is a letter written and addressed to the President of the United States and then published in the San Diego Daily Transcript by Alan Nevin, an economist and demographer, with MarketPointe Realty.  The letter is entitled "President Obama: I...
Go To Webinar Registrations Are RequiredClick here to register for this webinar on the California real estate market. Confused About What To Do Next in Real Estate? The "Great Recession" has left many of us scratching our heads and wondering what's next?  Where do we go from here?  How should we ...
Well, it was a last minute decision on our part to participate as an exhibitor and to attend the National Association of Realtors Convention (NAR Convention 2009) in San Diego, California this year.  We realized that our real estate businesses were beginning to pick-up slightly and are showing si...
We are all looking for ways to increase our incomes, diversify our businesses, expand our operations, and add value-added services to retain existing clients, just so we can survive during this current real estate cycle that we find ourselves in.  Real estate agents and brokers who can reinvent, ...
September 18, 2009--San Diego, California--Exeter Fiduciary Services, LLC, The Estate Planning Team and Robert Binkele are pleased to announce that Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust now offers its Preferred Shareholder Credit Line to Estate Planning Team members' clients seeking to sell highly appr...

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