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Your real estate friends are telling you how bad it is in real estate, right?You start to believe them, do you?  STOP... trust this - "YOU CAN CREATEYOUR OWN ECONOMY".. how?  Keep planting seeds, help those that needto buy a home, relocate or investors who want to buy.  Stay FOCUSED! And if you t...
We've had the most incredible networking event this month 3/1/11 atwww.Meetup.com/JohnsCreekCityGuide - check out our photos - we hadagain our topic "Create Your OWN Economy" and Louk Damianov gave20 tips on how you too can benefit if you focus on these points.  Business Owners, Investors and Rea...
"Success comes from a constant focus on renewal". - Gary Tooker Even when you arrive at the point of success and you have reached your goal,it is no time to STOP, you need to stay focused on renewal.  Successful peoplekeep moving forward.  Have you seen Oprah Winfrey STOP?  No, she just keepson r...
One Stop Shop in Johns Creek, Georgia is www.JohnsCreekCityGuide.comWhy?  Because it has it all. Welcome to the only Johns Creek  City On-Line Business Directory called"Johns Creek City Guide"  which has a purpose to mainly HELP RESIDENTSof Johns Creek  as well as Business Owners.  It features Jo...
We have a new page at the Johns Creek City Guide that lists restaurants in Johns Creek.Please visit the website and write a comment on any of the restaurants you really enjoyvisiting and share your experiences with all the residents and business owners of JohnsCreek, GA Click on www.JohnsCreekRes...
Mayor Mike Bodker gave his State of the Union Address on February 11, 2011 in which he shared with residents that were in attendance at the Atlanta Athletic Club the following:Budget Numbers for 2009 $47,353,575Budget Numbers for 2010 $45,814,525Budget Numbers for 2011 $45,236,227 City of Johns C...
"Experience, if it doesn't kill you, teaches you how to bounce back.  Success is not so much achievement as achieving".There is one thing about getting OLDER especially in real estate that is GREAT.. it's the experience we gain by working with thousands of buyers, sellers, investors and real esta...
Many large companies and corporations pride themselves on having Atlanta, Georgia as their headquarters. One of these corporation is Coca Cola Co.  In Atlanta, Georgia - Coca Cola is starting the process of relocating up to 600 workers to its 35-acre complex on North Avenue. The transfers could c...
Sing and enjoy the music in life - it makes us feel warm and fuzzy when we areable to share our favorite songs with everyone.  I've put together songs that meant something to me.  They are about my state - Georgia, they are about being a proud AMERICAN, about dreaming, about LOVE in any language,...
Every one of us wants to make a difference in someone's life.  We think that we willhelp one day when we have the money, or when we have the time, or when we haveextra, but what many people forget - it only takes a SMILE sometimes which costs NOTHING... or it takes a phone call to say "hello" or ...

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Dagmar sells Luxury Homes, Commercial, Unique Properties, Churches, Private Islands, Schools, Office Condos, Lots, Land, Retail, Apartments and Mixed Use Developments in Johns Creek, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Duluth, Suwanee, Norcross, Buford and Metro Atlanta, Georgia Area. She loves SHARING about advertising, marketing, ideas, dreams, goals, exciting news, friendly tips and anything that Realtor and Real Estate Related Professionals need. She is the Founder of the New Concept called "Become the Mayor Of Your Own Real Estate Village" and her Real Estate Village that she's the Mayor of is called Johns Creek City Guide.